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TCav wrote:
Biff vonMises wrote:
Does the K100D have and internal autofocus motor?
Yes. The Nikon D40 & D40x are unique in that respect.
Actually, they are not unique in that respect, although they are unique among modern Nikon models in that respect (all other Nikon DSLR models include a focus motor in the body)

Canon DSLR models (or EOS film models) don't have a focus motor in the body. Instead, all EF Mount Autofocus lenses have motors built into them (it's just that some are faster USM designs and some are older focus motor designs).

In contrast, most AF lenses from Nikon, Pentax and Minolta rely on a focus motor built into the camera body (which is the issue with using a lot of lenses on a D40 or D40x, since these camera models are missing the body based focus motor used to drive the AF mechanisms in most lenses designed for it's mount).

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Yes. Absolutely. Thank you for correcting me.
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Another interesting development is that Pentax has announced the K100 Super, which will add on the capability of using the new, soon to be releasedPentax lenses that have the focus motor in the lens. It will NOT lose the ability to focus the current FA/DA lenses, just add the ability to use the on-lens motor (the current K100 does not have that capability).
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