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Basically Im coming from a FZ10k and started considering the dSLR's...(I find the FZ rather slow, bird, plane, kids whateva already gone past by the time it switches on and focuses)

So dipping into the Nikon whirlpool I came up with this:

Nikon D50 and 2 kit lenses
Nikon 18-55mm 3.5-5.6G and DX AF-S 70-300mm 4-5.6G


Nikon D70s and 1 kit lens
Nikon DX AF-S 18-70mm f/3.5-4.5G

my dilemma is that the SD card, mini b usb cable of the D50 is compatable with my mp3 player and the newer firmware/modes/focusing and greater lens coverage of the D50 makes me tend towards it
more...with this in mind, is the D70s and the 18-70 worth the extra ~600

I know those prices seem like telephone numbers, but thats what it looks like down my side of the woods after you get hit with the Rand=Dollar rate, which I'm thinking is also responsible for frequent anal convulsions in our population

be that as it may, any clarity on this issue would be greatly appreciated
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mmmm .....no takers, guess I'll haveta make up my own mind....ok the D70s with the 18-70 DX IF ED it will be.

perhaps I should start my own forum, just one person, me

best part of it .. no arguments. sorta like a one liner forum... Do I want it ....
ok now I'll buy it :-)
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I think you may get mmore responses in the Nikon DSLR forum.

I have a D70 with the upgraded firmware and have no real complaints about autofocus speed. I mostly use my camera underwater where low contrast does give give autofocus some problems bu the D70 handles the situation well.

I believe the 18-70mm kit lens with the D70 is a far superior beast to the 2 lenses included with the D50 but this is not based on experience as I bought my D70 body only and then bought a 12-24mm zoom which is a brilliant lens. Other than that I mainly use fixed focal length lenses that I bought when I had a film camera.

Reading the reviews it seems that the D50 does more in camera processing than the D70 or D70s. For me I'd rather make my own decisions when I'm processing the picture. Others prefer the D50 because there is less need for post processing.

All things considered I would still buy the D70 over the D50 if I could but If money was an issue I would buy a D50 and I'm sure I'd be very happy with the results.


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thanks for your comments Nagasaki, pretty much confirms what I thought but wanted confirmation on
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