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chhetri_inside Sep 2, 2006 5:45 PM

i was shooting for a while with D50 and while reading reviews on affordable nikon DSLRS, I find that D70/D70s is one of the most popular. Hence I bought a D70s to see whats in it, the plus i found was it feels more sturdier and little faster continous shoot speed, but at the same time I found that it's easily noticable that D70s has more noise at ISO 400 compared to D50's. So, that makes them of same value to a user. Is this comparision correct ... or does it have something else that makes it more popular than D50. Technically D70s appears superior on paper ... but in practical ???

I need some input on which one should I sell, as I don't want to keep both of them.

BenjaminXYZ Sep 3, 2006 3:19 AM


but at the same time I found that it's easily noticable that D70s has more noise at ISO 400 compared to D50's.

I will state what I know here and I hope no one treats it as pure facts again. I am justproviding informations I have that's all.


The Nikon D70s having more noise generally at all the ISOs is not a bad thing, in fact, it is a good thing. The reason why the Nikon D50 have cleaner images is because of noise reductions. The Nikon D70s choose to preserve the noises to maintain image details which is great.

An advantage for the Nikon D70s is it's noise characteristics; they are more like film grain then the usual electronic noise variety. The noise characteristics of the D70s looks very natural at the higher ISOs and it's images have very well preserved details.

All this is true also for the max ISO of 1600 on the Nikon D70s. The images are crisps and well defined at ISO 1600>>> (You may already know it, but you can have a look below anyway)

D70s test shots at ISO 1600;

Compare with the D50 and then you decide about the ISO performance of both. If you have been shootingalready withthem, I guess you may already know.

Check anyway>>>

D50 test shots at ISO 1600;

Regarding the other aspects of the cameras, I would say "Keep the Nikon D70s IMO!" (Since you already have both the D70s and D50)

Feel free to ask more questions. (I certainly canspeak some more)

To prevent confusion, let me restate again>>>

The Nikon D70s does notseems to usenoise reduction as the D50 (and others as well) for it's images.As a result, more imagedetails are preserved.

Keep in mind thatif morenoise reduction is used,more image details will be lost.

rjseeney Sep 3, 2006 7:55 AM

The answer to your question is not easy to answer. The D50 has slightly better image image quality at high iso's as you've noticed. The D70 also tends to occassionally have some moire issues. I tend to use my D50 as my everyday camera because of the slightly better image quality coupled with the fact that I sometimes print large. At normal print sizes/monitor viewing sizes (I'm not talking about 100% crops, just 4x6 print size) you're not likely to notice the noise difference, especially when printing (printing seems to magically minimize noise some). That being said, the ability to fine tune ISO sometimes makes the noise with the D70 better than the D50. For example, you can only select ISO is full stops with the D50...200, 400, 800, 1600. You may be required to shoot at 1600 with the D50 but you may only need to shoot at an ISO of 1000, in which case the D70 at 1000 is better than the D50 at 1600. OF course if you shoot mostly in "P" or automatic mode, the difference is less noticeable as the D50 can select ISO's in between full stops. If you often shoot in tough conditions, or do a lot of studio work, the D70 is the better choice.

chhetri_inside Sep 4, 2006 12:39 AM

thanks benjamin for exlaining why noise is helpfull in keeping the image details ... generally it's not that big problem as I anyway use neatimage to fix it.

chhetri_inside Sep 4, 2006 12:45 AM

thanks rjseeney ... i mostly(99%) select ISO manually and find it usefull feature to be able to change it in steps of 1/3 steps

BenjaminXYZ Sep 4, 2006 4:08 AM

chhetri_inside, it is a better idea to use the software to deal with the noises than to let the camera do it.

The Nikon D70s is a great dSLR.

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