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Boondox Dec 1, 2006 1:17 PM

When the company gave me a D1x and told me I could use it at home if I brought my Nikkor lenses in for company use, I was delighted! The N70 film bill was bankrupting me. So I've been happily using that HEAVY D1x for a couple of years now, mostly machinery shots at work for training guides, but lots of scenic and dog pix at home.

But now security is making noise about an employee taking such a valuable piece of equipment home every night and weekend. The handwriting is on the wall and I need a digital SLR for home use. Definitely staying with Nikon because it's compatible with my 24-120, 70-300, and the Sigma 17-70 Macro plus the SpeedLight and all the other accessories. I really like the feel and layout of the D80. But the D70 is no slouch for home/hobby use either AND it takes the same flashcards as the D1x (I currently have 16GB of memory in flashcards.)

My local camera store has the D70 for $700 and a sale on the D80 for $900 (plus whatever memory costs these days). Is the newer model the better product?

Thanks in advance, Gunner B

JimC Dec 1, 2006 1:39 PM

If you really like the D1X, has them for anywhere from $484 to $999, depending on condititon and options (with and without buffer upgrade, with and without battery/charger, etc.).

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