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nw86281 May 10, 2006 6:01 PM

Looking to get one of these 2(unless someone recommends a better one).

Is 1 better than the other? as I've heard good things about both. Not too worried about difference in megapixels as I know when you get decent optics at this level, a 2 megapixel difference shouldn't make a huge difference.

I am new to Digital SLR's and have prev only really used point and shoot cameras before. Now making a major upgrade as I want a really decent camera which will last.

I want a camerathat has pre-sets/automatic settingsif I need them but also ability to manually set anything asI get more experienced. Photos I would be taking will be wide ranging(portrait style, landscapes, day and night photos, wildlifeetc)

Also, in addition to the std lens you get with these 2(18-70mm) are there any other basic lenses etc I need(as I've also seen an offer for a D70s with 18-70mm lens and a sigma 55-200mm).

btw, much diff between D50 and D70s?

mtclimber May 10, 2006 8:37 PM


I sold my Nikon D-70 and got a D-50. I like it a whole lot better and it produces less noise. I also own the Canon 350D/XT because I teach DSLR clases, but I really dislike the grip, which is very pinched, and the viewfinder which compared to the D-50 is certainly of a lesser quality.


randypamjohnson May 11, 2006 12:49 AM


I would suggest you seriously consider the Olympus E-500 with the 2 lenses kit. I believe you will find it to be a viable contender for your consideration. It has some does EVERY camera out there. That is a top notch camera....and I have had excellent results with it thus far.

mtclimber May 11, 2006 8:05 AM


Please keep in mind that while the Olympus E-500 is an excellentcamera, when you get above ISO 400, you begin to fight the noise dragon. I own an Oly E-500 and several E-300's.


randypamjohnson May 11, 2006 3:24 PM


I am kinda thinkin I wouldn't characterize it as "fighting" the noise would be more like a "minor skirmish"! hahaha!

I agree....noise is there....but again....having looked at a great many pic's taken at 800 ISO....the end result (which in the end is all we care about anyway) they look great to me. I have said...that is just this "layman's" opinion.

I do not shoot a bunch of very lowlight pics..thus the "noise" at higher ISO's has not been a factor for me. When I do face those situations...I am hopeful that I will have "become one" with my camera so as to mitigate it to the extent I can with the camera...and use a good "noise" program as you suggested to do the rest. The pic's that I have seen after PPing have lookedvery good.

As you have said though...and I have appreciated very very much all of your posts....that there is no perfect camera...each has their strengths and weaknesses. Like "Dirty Harry" always said....."a man has got to know his limitations".....this is good advise for us when we go SHOOT with our sixgun cameras!

I just loved the feel of the camera...the screen...the SSWF...the large font in reading the menus....and the layout of the menu's themselves...the excellent kit opposed to the D-50.

Thank goodness there are sooooo many quality camera's to choose from out there!

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