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im thinking about buying a D80 camera, with a kit to go along with it.
the prices are pretty much the same everywhere.
but then i run into this link.

now its not giving it away for free but its Really cheap.
is there anything i need to know about a deal like that? is it to cheap?
there is something dodgy about?

thanks for the help

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Seems to me that they're selling a D80 with a lot of throw-away accessories to inflate the price. There's no info on the 3 "PRO" lenses, the tripod, the camera case, or the memory. If this were a REALLY good deal, they'd fill in all the details, but they haven't.

You may be buying a nice camera along with a bunch of worthless junk.

Edit: Sorry. The lenses are described on the webpage. I didn't scroll down far enough.

Adorama has the D80 body for $875, and those two Sigma lensesare only available as a package which generally sells at on-line retailersfor $259 along with a gadget and maybe a few other nicknaks.

The lenses are junk. This is NOT a good deal. The camera is good, but little else in this deal will be worth keeping.
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Wow, That's pretty cheap and they did show show description about the lens, memory...

But if it is me. I will not get any camera from E-bay or mail order. Unless your deal with them before. I like going to the shop, checking it before I paid.

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Old Aug 6, 2007, 8:05 PM   #4
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Hi, Low-life!

I believe the offer is dubious. If you'd ask me about the lenses, my answer would be -

Just take your time, look for a reliable store and buy the D 80 there.

Good luck!!

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I guess you won't be happy until you throw your money away...


the Hun

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