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tec challenged Dec 10, 2006 6:36 AM

Hi all I am struggling with the decision of which camera to buy. I currently have a Canon 300D. I have consumer grade canon lenses and a Tamron Nikon lense from my first slr(film). I am a fan of both but I am leaning towards the D80 and need some help.

I like to shoot macro, portraits, family gatheringsand theoccasional kids sport avent. I want to step up a level in camera (too learn more about this dark art!:-)) speed and sensor wise etc,but can't reach the D30 or D200 realm price wise.I want to invest in good lenses next,bodies change frequently and who can afford to keep up. I print A3+ on my epson. I don't mind changing memory formats.

I know both cameras are a step up but the Nikon feels more pro and seems to have more features. Oh and I have large hands as well. My wife would like to use the camera as well and of course she has small hands:roll:.

I hope not to start Nikon, Canon wars here either.

Steveyoutested both maybe you can lend a hand here?

Advice thankfully accepted and appreciated.


Active_Matcher Dec 10, 2006 6:59 AM

Hi, see the link below to compare these two cameras:

Hope this helps!

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