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Hi all,

I currently have a Panasonic Lumix FZ30 and am generally very happy with it. HOWEVER - I also have old 35mm Canon fit lenses which are languishing unused and would not fetch much on the second hand market. Out of interest, they are:

Sigma 24mm f2.8,
Mitakon 28-200 zoom
Canon 50mm f1.8 breechlock FD (circa 1976!!)
Tamron SP 70-210 f3.5 Macro (which is capable of up to 1/2 life size on film, not sure what it would translate to on sensor)
Canon 20mm Macro lens - a tiny thing which gives HUGE close ups, bigger than the Tamron anyway, especially when used with extension tubes/bellows unit - which I don't have at present.
Tamron SP Flat Field 2x converter,
Super Paragon 2x converter. (yes I know, lousy quality compared to the Tamron but I was a penniless student when I got it, most of the rest of my 35mm gear I inherited).

Now here's my idea: I know that DSLR's have bigger sensors in them which equates to more depth of field, less noise, etc etc. So do I take the plunge and get a DSLR and use it with an FD to EOS adaptor (I understand it would be manual focus only and aperture priority or manual exposure only - that is not the issue I am concerned about) with my existing manual lenses or would the quality be less than my Lumix FZ30 gives me?

I shall be keeping the FZ30 anyway as it just so practical as an all in one package, it is just I wondered about the quality issue. that's all, and whether my idea is worth pursuing

In time I would probably buy proper EOS fit lenses* but for the moment I could not afford it. *Talking of lenses, my Tamron has an interchangeable mount so if one wanted to change from say Canon to Nikon 35mm. they would not need to change glassware, just the mount, do Tamron do the same with the latest autofocus/Image Stabilized lenses?

Any advice from anyone would be welcomed



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I don't own a Canon, so can't help you too much with your Canon-specific questions. However, I DID own an FZ30 and after a month bought a Pentax dSLR because I was unhappy with the quality of the FZ30 and Ihad a bunch of 25 year old Pentax lenses. The quality was significantly better to my eyes. I'm still using several of those old, manual lenses very happily.

The only thing I don't know about (since I don't know anything about Canon mounts) is what functionality you will have or lose. For instance, all of the Pentax K-Mounts maintain the camera's ability to stop down the lens when you press the shutter, making it easier to focus (you focus with the lens wide open) while with screw-mount lenses you lose that andthe viewfinder will be much dimmer as the aperture closes - something to be aware of.

Good luck with it, the quality difference between a dSLR and the FZ30 is quite a bit. It's amazing how much FUN a dSLR can be!
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