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pcake Aug 10, 2014 3:56 AM

decisions, decisions... SL1 or G6?
i have some issues with my right wrist, so keeping whatever camera i get fairly light is important, but while i love my LF1, i find i'd like an interchangeable lens camera again. i have narrowed my search down to 2 cameras - the canon SL1 and the panasonic G6. they both have touch screens, and with their longer zoom lenses on they are only just over an ounce difference between them. i've always found panasonic and canon menus to be the easiest to use, and both are easy to control with your phone. canon and panasonic have my favorite available lenses including many with stabilization.

the main advantages of the canon is the optical viewfinder, its larger sensor plus i love canon color. the main disadvantage is that i find the grip isn't awful, but it's not great for controlling the camera, either. when i rented the SL1 with the 55-250 stm lens, i didn't mind the grip but when it came to catching things like birds in flight it made things a bit challenging. btw, i love the focal range and like the sharpness of the 55-250 stm lens. i like that such a small DSLR still has a DOF field preview button.

the main advantages of the panasonic G6 for me... first are the ergonomics - so comfy to hold and easy to control - and with some lenses other than the 45-200, like my 45-160, it can be so darn light it almost floats. also i used to use the articulated screen on my G3, and found it very useful, and the one on the G6 is more responsive. unlike some mirrorless cameras i've owned, when you do a halfway press on the shutter button on the G6 you get an accurate preview of the actual photo you're shooting.

so help me out here with opinions, comparisons or questions i may not yet have asked myself, please. it would be very much appreciated!

SIMON40 Aug 10, 2014 7:55 PM

My own humble opinion- I think the sensor/processor in the G6 lags a bit behind APS-C with regards high iso performance and dynamic range- which may or may not be significant depending on your type of photography... though curiously,the 4/3 sensor in say the EPl oly' seems to fare better with regards high iso and DR...!

pcake Aug 10, 2014 9:19 PM

if the G6 sensor didn't lag a little behind, i would already own it and wouldn't have posted this thread :D if the SL1 grip was a bit more ergonomic in my hand, i also wouldn't have posted this thread. i count these issues as equal, and it's what makes it hard to decide.

i had (and sold) an E-PM2, which supposedly had the same sensor as the flagship oly and it didn't honestly blow me away. and i believe the G6 has improved DR over the G3 and G5...

SIMON40 Aug 11, 2014 4:43 AM

A useful review with both the G6 and SL1 compared....

pcake Aug 12, 2014 9:14 PM


since i couldn't decide right now, i just bought a used G3 (i loved my old one), and can use it while i decide. my husband is getting an SL1, so i can spend more quality time with it, and in the meantime maybe the G6 (or GX7) will come down in price :D

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