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I'm new to this forum and I'm really enjoying the diverse opinions and input. My situation is this: I have a Minolta 35mm I purchased in the mid 90's. I absolutely love SLR photography and haven't made the digital switch yet. I'm very amateur (mainly photos of the kids and pets, but would like to do more serious stuff) so I'm in the market for an entry level DSLR.

I recently compared the Canon Rebel XT and the Nikon D50 at a local Wolf Camera. Both cameras will do what I ask of them, but personally the Nikon felt really good in my hands and I just didn't care for the Canon.I also tried the Nikon D70s, but it fely very bulky, do I think I'm better off with a smaller body design like the D50. Iwas about to "make the switch" when I read that Konica-Minolta is releasing the 5D.So I read every thing I can on it's big brother, the KM 7D and felt like it was also too big and justtoo much camera for what I need. I am not particularly brand loyal, and I certainly do not see Minolta as the "Apple Computer" of the photo world (as some people have compared them to), so I'm not trying to make a statement...I just want the best camera for me.

I love the look of the 2.5 inch Screen on the KM and I can use the two lenses I already have, a ProMaster 28mm-210mm and a Sigma 70mm-300mm. But for every feature I like about the KM, I'm surethe Nikon or Canon can do something else better. The only thing about the Nikon D50 that I was curious about is that there is no depth of field preview, the KM 5D has one.

If that was the deciding factor between the Nikon and KM is it something I will use?

Thanks for any input!
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Depth of field preview is a feature most pro's and advanced/serious amatuers use and everyone else does not. It is very important if you do critical macro or portrait photography. Otherwise, this is a feature you probably won't miss (hence it not appearing on Nikon's entry level dslr).
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Go with whatever camera feels best in your hand, if you're willing to give up the lenses you have already. There will be a camera that feels best in your hand, and because of the level of the camera you are looking at there isn't a huge amount seperating them. All of them are good cameras.

I was thinking about upgrading to digital and the D50 looked like a good cheap option, but now that I know there is no DOF preview, I will have to skip over it.
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Size wise, if the 7D bothered you, take heart that the 5D is some 20% smaller and, body only, is 590g to the 7D's 760g.

That and the difference in continuous shootingare pretty much the only differences between the two........Oh, and about $300.00 difference in the price !!

Both take the Minolta A type bayonet lenses, and both incorporate Anti-Shake in the body.

Get more up to date with the specs for both here, http://kmpi.konicaminolta.us/eprise/...Specifications

and here, http://kmpi.konicaminolta.us/eprise/...Specifications


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DOF preview is not as useful as it appears for the simple reason that it is very difficult to get an accurate sense of DOF in a viewfinder whether the lens is stopped down to the right aperture or not.

In general if you use the DOF preview feature a lot more will appear to be sharp in the viewfinder than will actually be the case in the photograph.
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