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agoodthang Nov 25, 2006 5:19 PM

:bye:Your advice is welcome here and I appreciate you for any knowledge that you care to leave. Here's the deal, I'm searching for a digicam to meet my needs. The type of pictures I like to take are in natural or low lighting of family/children with just as many taken outside on a sunny or cloudy day. I prefer a good zoom to get nice close-ups and not be "actually in your face" whether we're sitting in the family room or trying to capturing my child on an amusement park ride. I really enjoy doing candids so I must upgrade to a digicam with a much quicker focus time and little shutter lag. I'm ready to have manual control with the ability to use auto in a pinch. I want to try my hand at macros, landscapes, moving things (child in action, water, amusement rides). It's also important for me to have enough megapixels to be able to crop a good bit and still have a 8X10 of pleasing quality...hey, I want to start photojournaling these great memories I'm planning to capture! This will be a camera that I want to further learn and fine tune my photography skills. I'm not ready to purchase a dslr yet. My budget tops out at $500. I hope I'm not asking for too what do you think?

mtclimber Nov 25, 2006 5:42 PM


I think that your requests are quite reasonable. Take a look at the Fuji S-6000 and the Sony H-5. The S-6000 can operate quite nicely at higher ISO setting allowing for those natural light candid shots. It also has plenty of zoom. The H-5 tops out realistically at ISO 400 though it does have higher ISO settings. It has 12X optical zoom and IS which the S-6000 does not.


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