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When i went to a non slr digital camera it was a panasonic and i fell in love with digital and with not having to tote so much extra equipment. I now own a sony dsc-h2...wouldnt recommend this one to my enemies. I was looking at new camera options the other day and made the mistake of picking up a digital slr...wow...i miss the feel of an slr...the size, the weight...i just do not want to get back into the world of one lens for this and one for that as i may shoot a landscape and then zoom into part of that same scene to isolate something.

So, my question is...does any manufacturer sell a non slr digital camera with a similar weight, size, feel as an slr would have? What would be the closest model i could get to this? I purchased the sony because it was larger and heavier than most i looked at, if not all.

Thanks so much...


ps. does anyone make a digital camera with a remote wireless release? miss that part too.

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I think you're looking for one of the big "super zooms" then. The're some pretty bulky ones around...

Fuji S9000:


Panasonic FZ-50:


Sony DSC-R1 (will provide you with a little less zoom than the others though:


And probably some more that I forgot...
Just look around and you'll find something.

Make sure you have manual focus if you want it to be anything like a DSLR though...

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The R1 will be a great choice. However, the lens design of the R1 was designed to go wider (wide angle) than longer (zoom).

The R1 weights a K.G.. :idea:I personally found it really heavy (Especially on the left side). There is a lot of Carl Zeiss glass adding to the heavy weight.

The R1 was on a tripod & active when I entered a Sony outlet; I tried to carry the R1 and almost dropped it. (The grip was kinda too large and deep)

I had to struggle putting back the R1 on to the tripod. (Build quality of the R1 superb though...)

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thanks so much...my first dig camera was a panasonic and i never had problems out of it...there model this year...not the one you refer to, but the one in the store was light, plasticy and overall cheap feelling...so went with sony...which has been replaced once and is now in the shop for the shutter button which just falls off...(bought in july this year)....happened with both cameras and although i returned it to sony, to the address they provided me, it actually went to some third party repair shop...least that is how it looks...im not at all happy with sony but telling them so doesnt seem to phase them. Since this happened with two diff cameras of same model im guessing its a problem they are or have been aware of and in my opinion should have been proactive about. I shoot way too many pics, ( little ocd happening there...hehe) and for the first time in 13 years i do not live on the beach but in the mtns, where the leaves change, and here i sit watching them with no camera....arrrrgggghhhhh....ill look into the panasonic youve listed and the r1 as well...but im a bit biased against sony at this moment...thanks again i really appreciate the info...take care...gary
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just looked at the links really quick...these appear to be more in line with what id like...as ive been on disability for the last 7 years money to purchase such things doenst come by often...but no doubt ill be replacing this sony as soon as im able...thank you both...gary
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