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serabell Dec 4, 2006 5:02 PM

I'm going to buy a digital camera within 2 weeks & I need help deciding...

The minimum requirements are:

12x Optical zoom &6 mp & small, pocketable size... something similiar to the Kodak V610 & preferably under $350. I know its a lot to ask, but the Kodiak v610 is so close I was wondering if anyone knows of another type of camera out there??

Thank you :)!

mtclimber Dec 4, 2006 5:12 PM


The Kodak V-610 does not have 12X optical zoom. It is more like 10X and the camera doe NOT have IS. Perhaps you are thinking of the Kodak Z-612 or P-712 cameras.

The V-610 has received very so-so reviews. Check out this link:


serabell Dec 4, 2006 6:31 PM

Sorry, I should have been more specific. I said the Kodiak v610 was so close, because it has all requirements, except has 10x optical zoom instead of the 12x optical zoom. I'm looking for something about the same size as the v610, but with the 12x optical zoom (or greater!), but about the same price, which is about $350.

flippedgazelle Dec 4, 2006 6:48 PM

Hi serabell,

When you say you want a 12x zoom, what is the total zoom range you are looking for? For example, a 28mm lenswith a 12x zoom will givea totalof 336mm, whereas a 36mm lens with a 10x zoom will give a total of 360mm. In other words, a wider lens with a greater zoommultipliercan actualy give you a shorter zoom than a narrower lens with greater zoom multiplier.

I'd say the closest to what you are looking for in the Panasonic DMC-TZ1, which has 5mp and 35mm lens with a 10x zoom, and is somewhat pocketable.


serabell Dec 4, 2006 7:40 PM

Wow, Chris, I didn't know that!! I figured a 10x zoom was the same on all cameras. I can't find any v610's in stores locally, so I testeda 10x zoom with a camera that had 10x zoom & it seemed to be the same thru the camera as I saw thru my eye.

The specs for the v610 are: dual lens technology; 10X optical zoom; 38–114 mm (35 mm equiv.) f/3.9–f/4.4; 130–380 mm (35 mm equiv.) f/4.8 & The type of lens is: KODAK RETINA Dual Lens Technology equipped with two professional quality SCHNEIDER-KREUZNACH C-VARIOGON lenses for exceptional clarity and sharpness

Would that be closer than how I see cause I want to be able to magnify the image about double of what I can see &I don't want interchangable lenses.

Sorry, I knowa lot about film cameras, but not about digital yet! THANK YOU

mtclimber Dec 4, 2006 7:54 PM


The gererally accepted focal length for what you see with you eyes is what a 50mm lens "sees." Therefore 100mm =2X, 150=3X etc, based on what your eyes see. However, the generally accepted lens formula for optical zoom is the lowest lens focal length divided into the highest focal length.

When you consider an ultrazoom camera (more than 6X optical zoom) IS or image stabilization should be used with it because when zoomed out to the maximum in the case of a 10X optical zoom equipped camera, The slighest in voluntary movement you make while holding the camera is magnified 10 times in your photo.

Therefore, IS should be a top priority consideration.


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