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I have a Nikon 995 with 28 mm thread around the lens. I have a threaded 10X ocular that I screw into the camera and then mount this in my microscope's ocular DIN tube. My problem is that the995 is getting old and pixel density could be better.

Can anyone suggest a new or newer model of camera (any make) that does not telescope and that I can use with my threaded 28 mm, 10X ocular lenson my microscope. Last thoughts are that it needs infinity focus, 3 sec timer, manual shutter speed etc. like the 995 and, I assume, should not have telescopic lens.

I am really lost here and would really appreciate the help of someone with some expertise



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I epoxied a 28mm filter ring to my Fuji F20 as shown below:

For a fuji F series camera it is important to remove the decorative lens barrel cap and re-glue it as it it very weakly attached from the factory.

I made the ring from a 28mm uv filter from which I removed the glass & sanded off the male threads. Others have used 28mm step-up filters etc.

There are quite a few good 28mm accessories: +1,+2,+4 Diopter close-up lenses, Polarizing filter, IR filter (Harrison & Harrison), Nikon 2x TC-E2 teleconverter, etc...

Where did you get your ocular adapter? I want one!

The Fuji is a good camera for this application because of its low-light performance and good lens. This setup has worked well for months, even with big auxiliary lenses.


PS surely this modification voids any warranty.
PPS the Fuji's aren't completely manual but will work well for your application in my experience.

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wow very cool modification
I think must very careful with the lens
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thanks for the reply. Your fix is a bit more complicated than I would like. I don't remember where we bought the 10X threaded ocular from. All I remember is that we were searching the net and found the company that sold them. If you google coolpix 990 or 995 and microscope, along with ocular lens, etc. you may find the site that gave the company.

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