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I'm looking for a camera for a pretty specific purpose: recording people's skiing, so that i can can show them immediately how they look. Traditionally we've used digital video cameras, which are much more cumbersome and expensive!

The major requirements are:
  • High qualityvideo recording [/*]
  • being able to zoom (optically) whilst filming - i've used some decent cameras that only allow a digital zoom whilst filming. [/*]
  • An optical viewfinder for when it's too glarey [/*]
  • A large LCD display, preferable >2.5"[/*]
Can anyone suggest any cameras that might meet these criteria?


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panasonic FZ30
Fuji 5200
Sanyo C5
Casio z750

The top three are not opticcal viewfinder models. The casio i think does have optical. There are not many that meet all your requirements, but this list is not comprehensive. These all cost near what a MiniDV video cam will cost though. and the top 2 are not much samller if any than my MiniDV camera (plus they have 25x optical zoom and longer record times) You will have to make a trade off.
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I think ina couple ofyears most digicams will offer solid state highly compressed high quality video utilizingH.264/MPEG-4 AVC(also see Apple's blurb). Today, there are still tradeoffs to make, it seems that the Sanyo C5/6 models might offer the best size/performance ratio, but that's because it's so small .
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Kodak's EasyShare V550 meets all of your requirements, including 640x480 VGA video at 30 frames per second, with MPEG-4 compression (at least 1/2 hour of video on a 1 GB SD card), optical zoom while filming (3x zoom), optical viewfinder, and 2.5 inch LCD display with 170 degree viewing angle. The shutter button should be usable with gloved hands. I own one and am satisfied with it so far.

The Casio EX-P505 Pro might also be a good choice for you, because it has a 5X optical zoom that you can use while filming, also uses 640x480 MPEG-4 (with even greater compression than the Kodak), and has nifty "Past shot" and "short video" video modes that can help capture a short scene like a series of linked ski turns. No optical viewfinder on the P505. I second the Casio EX-Z750 as another camera that meets all your requirements.
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