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Hello all. I started an online jewelry business and need a good camera for taking close-ups of my jewelry. Right now I'm using an old Canon PowerShot S200 and a Cloud Dome. I've been looking at cameras that feature a super-macro mode (the Canon Powershot Prois one thatcaught my eye.)

I definitely want to stick with digital. I have about $800.00 to spend. Any recommendations? (Please...no suggestions for non-digital...thanks!) BTW, I am a complete novice, andwith all that is involved in starting my business, I only have a small amount of time I can devote to photography.So I need something dependable and easy to use.

Here's one of my pictures so you can see where I am at this point (I tried to get artsy and used some silk for the backround.) With jewelry is it best to stick with asolid color background?

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You almost can't go wrong. Most digital cameras have excellent macro modes, since their sensors and lenses are so small.

I used to work at a camera store, and once a jewelry maker came in wanting to get the camera with the best macro to take pictures of her jewelry. We took pictures of an earring with all our nicest cameras (it was a slow day) and the Fuji S7000 seemed to have taken the sharpest shots. So the jeweler took one. The newer version of this camera is the S9000. So I'd recommend that.

Personally, I have a big-lens Panasonic that takes great macro shots. And I've heard Nikons tend to have exceptionally good macro modes in general. But if you have the money to spend, I say get a big-lens Fuji.

Unless anyone on these forums has personal experience with some other digital camera that has a wonderful macro mode. I'd be very curious to hear it, if it's the case, so that I have a better answer to macro questions than "We very unscientifically tested a bunch of cameras and the S7000 seemed like the best one for that".
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You may want to take a look at Konica Minolta DiMage Z6 or Z5, seem they have the macro focus range at 1 cm, image stabilizer, and reasonable price.
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Thanks both of you for you help. From your posts and my additional research, it appears that lighting is the most important factor. So rather than buy a camera now, I'm going to experiment more with lighting and my camera's functions. The only thing my camera seems to be missing is an adustable f(?) setting...the one where you can set the depth of field.

I still have trouble reflecting just enough light off ofa gem to show the facets...too little and the gem is too dark to see the facets, too much and all you can see is glare reflecting off the gem. I'll post my question about this in the studio lighting forum.

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