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I am presently using an olympus 4040, with great pics. I am looking to move up to better qualtiy pic, faster speed. All my pics are taken on auto. I use the built in flash as needed.

Is an SLR the right way to go? Is the Nicon D70 a good choice. My budget is around the 1200 mark..

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The C4040 was my camera until I upgraded. I took alot of great pictures with that camera. The Nikon D70 is a much superior camera to the C4040. You will be pressed to purchase the camera for 1200 with any lenses for the camera. This is one of the reasons that I opted for the Canon Digital Rebel (300D). The Nikon or Canon cameras do not come with any memory cards so you need to add the card to your purchase price. I love the photos that I take with the DR. The DSLR cameras will provide you with great opportuties for capturing great photos but there is a learning curve. Either of these DSLRs will be much superior to the C4040.
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Where are you located? If you are in the UK (and therefore talking in £), the D70 goes for around £1,000 complete with the 18-70 lens (equivalent to 27-105mm on a 35mm camera). Online places have it cheaper if you trust them...

I am also looking at the moment and am tempted by the D70. I currently have a Nikon 35mm SLR and so am tempted by the fact that it will give me the best picture quality and the most creativity.

However, i am also looking at the 8mp Minolta A2 because it is so much smaller. I know i would be sacrificing picture quality (and would have to get used to an electronic viewfinder) but i would avoid the disadvantage of an SLR: bulk and weight. The D70 is actually lighter than my current SLR but i would need two lenses if wanted to cover the 28-200 (equivalent) focal range. Sometimes that is just too much camera to be carrying.

I haven't yet made up my mind but that is the trade-off that i have to make.
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There's no doubt in anyone mind that dSLRs are better, but be aware of the teaser "starting price" as compared to the "final price" for cameras like the A2: http://www.stevesforums.com/forums/v...58&forum_id=37

The real question to ask yourself is how often do you shoot at high ISO? If you're always shooting action shots in dark areas then a dSLR is the right choice. If you're mostly shooting outdoor in well lit areas... probably not, beside giving up the extra 2Mpixels which is useful for landscapes as well as other nice features... It's also rewarding to be able to just take just an all-in-one camera and run and not having to plan on what lenses to take (more often than not you'll end up with carrying the whole bag of lenses).

I have a dSLR, but I can live with a prosumer camera for both the convenience and weight!
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