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I am considering moving up from a point and shoot (Olympus 765C) and wondered how the Nikon D50 stacks up against the Pentax 1st-DL, when comparing image quality and other features? Has anyone had any comparing these two cameras?
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From what I've read, the cameras share the same sensor (that's what stuck in my mind), so the picture quality is very similar (at least that's what I thought when I looked at sample pictures). Both will give you excellent photos.

I chose the Pentax for 2 reasons - first, it's smaller and lighter. Second, I have a bunch of 25 year old Pentax lenses that work with the DL (I actually have a DS, but there's not a lot of differences between the two).

If you don't have any old lenses that could be used with either camera, then go to a store, hold them, handle them and decide which feels better in your hands. There are some differences in features that might influence some buyers (none that struck me for what I wanted a camera for so I have no idea what they would be). I think ergonomics would be the biggest decider - it was for me.
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I recently bought the D50. Before choosing the D50, I did consider the Pentax. From reviews and other threads in this forum, it seemed like the Nikon had somewhat better performance than the Pentax. Also, in this forum, there was discusion on factory refurbs. I ended up getting a factory demo from Cameta Camera. I saved a bunch of money and got a "like-new" camera with less than 60 shutter actuations. I am very happy with my choice.
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I own a Nikon D50 ( bias )

But it all comes down to what your shooting.If your planning a lot of lowlight, go pentax due to iso3200 ( even better go for a KM dynax 5D with antishake and iso3200 or wait for the new pentax DSLR , it also has antishake )

otherwise, what can i say I love my D50! No matter what you choose i´m sure you are not going to be disappointed!
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The other thing to consider is lenses and accessories. Nikon has great speedlights, and with the creative lighting system, you could set up a small studio wirelessly with 3 or more in combination (although with the d50, one will need to be the Sb800). Also Nikon has a ton of lenses available in the used market, many at reasonable prices. ISO 3200 is nice (a noisy image is better than no image at all), but from what I've seen the images aren't great at 3200.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"Either way, you can't go wrong. I would make the choice on ergonomics...what feels the best and is easiest for you to use.
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