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Default Digital Still or Camcorder w/Motion Activation?

Just came across this site during a search. Hoping someone can assist.

I've been having lots of problems with trouble via a vacant lot adjacent to my backyard: objects thrown at my house, theft in garage, etc. Looking to get a high-megapixel digital still camera I can station near a basement window looking out to the backyard that will trigger a burst of shots when it detects motion.

I bought a Swann motion/still surveillance camera from Radio Shack--and it's a piece of garbage. I could get a better picture on a television with a cracked tube. Hoping for something that would allow me to easily ID any trespassers. Would also prefer it have a good optical zoom and AC power: night vision isn't a big concern. (Motion flood lights would come on to illuminate the area if someone is there.)

Please help if you can. Thanks!
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There is a firmware load that is designed to work on a series of Canon Point and Shoots that supports motion detection. Its located at http://chdk.wikia.com/wiki/CHDK

You would probably want to select a model that can be powered from an external power supply plugged into the wall. Off the top of my head - I do no have any specific model that supports that (but I am not a Canon P&S expert).

OK - Canon does have an AC adapter for their various lines of cameras. Here is a small P&S camera that might possibly fit the bill. You can click on the various tabs and get the specific camera information - and on the supply and accessory tab - there is a AC adapter item. So the combination of all three, camera, AC Adapter and CDHK should do it..


which if you click on the Compatible Products link you come up with ...

PowerShot A100
PowerShot A1000 IS
PowerShot A1100 IS
PowerShot A200
PowerShot A2000 IS
PowerShot A2100 IS
PowerShot A300
PowerShot A310
PowerShot A400
PowerShot A400 and CP-400 Bundle Kit
PowerShot A400 Blue
PowerShot A400 Gold
PowerShot A400 Lime
PowerShot A410
PowerShot A420
PowerShot A430
PowerShot A430
PowerShot A460
PowerShot A470
PowerShot A470 (Blue)
PowerShot A470 (Orange)
PowerShot A470 (Red)
PowerShot A480
PowerShot A510
PowerShot A520
PowerShot A530
PowerShot A540
PowerShot A550
PowerShot A560
PowerShot A570 IS
PowerShot A580
PowerShot A590 IS
PowerShot A700
PowerShot A710 IS
PowerShot A720 IS
PowerShot E1
PowerShot SX100 IS
PowerShot SX100 IS (Black)
PowerShot SX110 IS

and I believe that the vast majority of these cameras are also on the CHDK list.


Also, I think that all the cameras here also take movies, in addition to either single or multiple shots (although I do not know how fast the flash could recharge and take a second or subsequent shot(s)).

hope that helps...

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Very helpful. Thank you!
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