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:-)First budget is a concern. I was set on the DL because of the price, ISO 3200 and the availability of cheaper lenses. The Sgima 24-23 2.8 looks very appealing and on ebay is about $520. Also AA batteries.

The D50 would have to be refurbished to get the same price point and even then it would be with the kit. But it does focus faster and shoots more shots in burst.

The Canon has recently entered the picture because of the rebate and array of lenses but they are more expensive.

So far I had settled on the DL but just cant pull the trigger because I am still worried that I will get this camera and find out it cant do the one thing I really want. Hockey pictures of my son in his last year of HS. I am hoping the DL could do this using the sigma but am not sure. I will be a the rink tonight testing the zoom from my manual camera to determine how muw range I need - (the 135 becomes almost 200). Then if 2.8 is bright enough........

But will the DL cut it? Or do I need to go refurb and look at D50 or 350?

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Didn't HS hockey season just end? I live in the Duluth, MN area and hockey is over until next late fall. If this is your case, then you have some time to make up your mind. And, yes I know with hockey it seems like it goes right through the summer with camps and everything else.

I just got a D50. It is a "factory demo" from Cameta Auctions. The camera is in perfect condition. The only way I could tell it was not new by looking at it was that it came in a box labeled "Nikon Reconditioned Product". The Cameta products come with a 90 day factory warranty along with a 1 year Cameta warranty.

Prior to making "my" decision, I debated and went one way then another since before last Christmas before deciding on the D50 (there was no deadlines waiting on me). Part of my decison making process included looking at both the Ultrazooms and "entry level" DSLR's. Yes I did consider the Pentax. The price was very appealing. My concern was performance, but initially I felt the D50 was also out of my budget. Through this forum someone mentioned Cameta. After looking into it I felt that put the D50 within my reach.

The D50 is indeed fast, both on startup and focusing. I am amazed at how many shots I can get off in such a short period of time. And all the pictures are good quality. I am very happy with my decision to buy the D50. Also included in my decision was that I did get to handle the D50. I was just able to read reviews and posting about the Pentax.

One last word. Whatever your decision, make sure you take plenty of pictures. Once the time is past it is gone. My son is now out of college, and boy do I wish I would have taken more pictures when he was playing sports and whatever when he was younger.

Good luck,

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I've taken good hockey pictures with manual lenses and a Pentax ZX-M. Now that I have a DS (not much difference between the DS and the DL) I would think that I'd be able to take just as good photos (and would probably use 2 of the lenses I was using before, since I don't have a fast autofocus lens). I haven't noticed the autofocus beingparticularly slow, though I've heard the D30 is supposed to be faster.

Try to actually handle and use both cameras a bit - both will take great pictures, both have options for fast lenses (the Pentax probably wins slightly here because of the ability to use any Pentax lens so older, excellent lenses can be picked up cheaply). Your personal preference for the ergonomics and size, along with your budget (and any owned compatible camera equipment)will probably be more important than the slight edge the D50 has in focus speed (just my opinion).
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Thanks for the responses so far. Yes, Fall hockey is over but they are still playing HS Spring hockey. It never seems to end. It is over in early June and tryouts for Fall are in August. You are right, I want to take as many pictures as possible this year.

I have handled both at Ritz Camera and although the D50 seemed a little faster I did not bnotice much difference. Where I was concerned was that for all the ppicrtures taken inside the store, the Pentax was very dark and under exposed while the D50 was much brighter.

At the rink this evening, my fixed Nikkor was able to meter correctly at 1/250 and accceptable Fstops. The zoom had to go down to 1/60 to take any picture.

Also, with the buzz I am starting to read about new camera offerings in August, maybe I will wait til then. STill deciding....

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