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It's worth mentioning that any system will provide your wife the ability to learn. Portrait work is going to be more about lighting, technique, poses and backgrounds - and those are independent of camera/lens.

It's also worth mentioning that the photography field is extremely over-saturated. You mention your wife wants to make a career of photography. It's very difficult to do that right now because there are so many people with side businesses. Could she make $4-10k a year? Yep. Of course, that's gross. Then you have to pay for equipment (including strobes/stands/backdrops/reflectors etc. etc.), insurance/liability (note: once you start working as a professional your homeowners stops covering you so you need separate business insurance for liability). Photography CAN provide a nice side income - especially because you do what you love. But, with everyone knowing a friend/relative that has a DSLR and "takes great pictures" and 1/3 of those people doing it as a side business, it's very difficult to make a full time career out of. Think of it like gambling. Is it possible to gamble and make money? Sure is. Is it easy to make enough money to be a full time gambler? nope. The field is just too over-saturated.
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I agree with JohnG. There are a couple of other things that contribute to the over-saturated field of photography. The lower quality of the shots produced by professionals and seemingly acceptable to the general public. Also, the I can get it for free mentality since I know someone with an expensive camera.
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