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Old Mar 10, 2006, 11:04 PM   #1
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I am very new to dslr photography. in fact, iv never owned one. i started researching on them as if i were on drug a few months ago. Now I'm all obsessed with expensive gear like the 30D. And im even planning to buy 3 or 4 pretty decent lenses that would cost a few thousands bucks in total.

But now i realized i never really learnt proper photography. im ready to spend a lot of effort in it but even if i do, do i really need something like the 30D and all the lenses?

Initially i was gana try the newbie models, like the rebel xt, but many of my friends hav them. And they totally feel like toys! well they are made of plastic after all.

HELP, i feel so ambiguous... T.T
argh, cant hell stop thinking about the darn cameras. @@

sum advises plz, THX very much
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Old Mar 11, 2006, 12:40 AM   #2
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get the 30D and enjoy it, I just soled my xt today and will get the 20D but most likely the 30D, a good camera body is important and I have 2 lenses sigma 18-200 and canon 50mm F1.8 to go with it , so buy a good camera body a good lens or two and start taking pictures and enjoy it , good luck.:|STOP SHOPPING.
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Old Mar 11, 2006, 1:41 AM   #3
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I am buying a 30d, not so much because of all the extra features but because I just like it more. It has more appeal like a ferrari has more appeal than a landcruiser., it looks better, it feels better. Sometimes you have to let go the logical arguments about cost etc and just go with what you feel. The xt does feel like a toy, the 30d you can get your hands around and get a proper grip on, it just feels right. If I like the look of something, that takes precedence over cost and most other factors.

Before I got a computer, my son kept on about how I should get one but I didnt know what on earth I would use one for. Eventually I bought one after discovering that typwriters were extinct and needed to word process, I cant imagine what it must have been like on a typwriter not being able to erase errors with the push of a button. When I got the computer I didnt even know how to turn it on and had to figure out how to turn it off. Everything I know about computers I have taught myself by trial and error and reading. Now I can do all sorts of things like pull out and reinstall hard drives and re format without thinking.

Now I find myself doing all kinds of things I never new were possible or existed. I have music programs to make my own music, video software forediting movies; it opened up a doorway to things I didnt know existed. You will find the same thing with photography especially with a dslr, you will start to find things to do with it that you never knew about if your idea of photography was taking happy snaps, as there is so much more to it than pointing at something pleasing you want to record and recording it.

I wouldnt go getting too many lenses to begin with, see them as a stepping stone; when the student is ready, the teacher will make themselves known. The type of photography that takes your fancy will determine which lens you need. I bought a pentax DL and started getting lenses and recently have just sold them all to buy the canon, so lost a few hundred dollars and quite a bit of time. I didnt look around at any other cameras when I bought the pentax as everything was so much more expensive, or at least I thought, I had blinkers on because the pentax caught my eye as finally a dslr that I could afford at the time. It didnt really appeal to me as something that had the "wow" factor, like looking at hundreds of watches and one just stands out and catches your eye. The canon however does have that wow factor. The pentax is pleasant enough looking but it just doesnt grab me.

To go from pentax to canon was a difficult choice because if the camera sells and not the lenses then what will I do? 6mp VS 8mp, do I really need it etc etc.So there was a lot of agonizing over what to do, running up ebay bills to relist every time I changed my mind. Eventually I let my heart do the talking instead of logic and my wallet. Now I have a one lens on ebay left to go which has two people bidding on it, I have a canon lens in my closet ready to go and in a few weeks I will have a 30d there as well.

I have seen two people on eBay selling their 20d because they liked it so much they are upgrading to a 5D. You will grow into it. There are many people that get the bug, buy a camera and then find out it isnt for them but you just dont know until you try. I would never have imagined myself using a computer as much as I do and in so many different ways.

I made a compromise by buying the pentax in the first place which eventually I knew I wasnt really happy with. There was nothing wrong with it but there was something that I knew Ireally wanted so it was second best..If you buy an xt it will seem great to start and you will like it because of the new toy syndrome but eventually that is going to wear thin like a one night stand thats gone on for too long. You will then want to sell it and upgrade and thats going to cost you hundreds as well as feeling like you made a mistake, and all the while there will be something niggling at youin the back of your head that prevents you from really enjoying what you have because you compromized to begin with.

Trying to figure out which camera to buy is a nightmare, its an incredible analytical equation to work out. One camera has this funtion but not this, one does this better than that,one is expensive, one is cheap, do I need this or do I need that, I like the look of this but it doesnt have that but the other one does.You look for that one thing that stand out that you must have or the one thing that will elliminate the choices but generally there isnt any one thing, it all comes down towhat appeals to you most as the main deciding factor.

People buy ferraris knowing full well they are never going to be able use it to its fullest potential, but at least its there if they do. They dont buy them for everything that it can do, but for what it means to them and what they aregoing to get out of it. It seems to me that you have already decided which camera you want, you are just looking for a reason to validate that decision; listen to your heart and not your head. You can always sell it on eBay if its not your thing.
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Old Mar 11, 2006, 2:55 PM   #4
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thx for both of ur answers. I thot maybe the 30D is really what I want. but now what lens should I start withXD? please help me, il post a thread in the lens forum too QQ...

sunds like if i get into serious stuff, il eventually want a 30D uh? how long do u think i wud need to get the "full potential" of the camera? The thing is I don't mind waiting if I will need 3 or 4 years to learn...
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Old Mar 11, 2006, 4:33 PM   #5
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You could get the Canon 17-85 IS as a nice standard lens for the 30D, instead of the kit lens.

How long it will take you to learn will depend how many photos you take, and if you like to read the manual and try things out.

My guess is you should be very comfortable with the camera after several thousand shots.

You could buy the 30D, or you could spend less money if you're not sure you'll take up the hobby seriously .

For instance, the new Pentax IS DL can be had for $500, and the KM 5D is in the $500 range. You could also look at the Rebel XT.

The 30D is a lot of camera for someone who hasn't spent the time to find out if the hobby is a serious and long lasting one.

However, nothing wrong with owning a nice camera!

-- Terry
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Old Mar 11, 2006, 7:03 PM   #6
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The 20D is a much better then theRebel XT, and the 30D will be too.

What lenses are you getting?

I recommend the EF-S 17-85mm IS, 50mm f/1.8, and a decent zoom lens (70-200 or 100-300). If you do alot of macro pictures, maybe you want to get a macro lens

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Old Mar 11, 2006, 10:38 PM   #7
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well, i posted sum lens question with wut im interested
thx for the commentsXD

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