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SampsonSimpson Mar 22, 2006 3:00 PM

Hey guys, yep I'm brand new here, I've searched around a bit and haven't found anything that fits all the criteria I'm looking for. So if anyone knows of any cameras that have all these features please let me know, the cheaper the better. Right now I have a Minolta Z2 and I'm looking to get a bit better one. Thanks again for all the info, not looking for a digital rebel or some other 1000 dollar camera, like I said the cheaper the better, but go ahead and list off what meets this criteria if you can.

I need the camera to have :

Direct manual focus (DMF) but it needs to be adjustable by twisting the focus rings,
(not by pressing little buttons in a sub-menu or something).
Would prefer if it could do 640X480 30 fps vids like I can right now
(I saw that post with all of those cameras listsed already, that was a great post)
Anything above 3 megapixel
Need a 4-6 X optical zoom, more would be better, but at least 4-6

Please let me know what cameras fit this criteria. The Z2 I have right now does all with the exception of the DMF, so that is the only feature I'm really looking to acquire. Thanks a lot for any help-Sampson

algold Mar 22, 2006 3:32 PM

Hi, Sampson.

Konica Minolta A200, Fuji S9000/9500 andPanasonic FZ30 come to mind.

All of them have manual focus (fly-by-wire type), good range high quality zoom and can shoot video at 640x480 and 30fps.

They are not exactly cheap, but I don't know your budget:roll:.


mtclimber Mar 22, 2006 3:36 PM

DMF via a focusing ring is found on dSLR cameras, the Panasonic FZ-30 and the Fuji S-9000, but none of those are cheap.


SampsonSimpson Mar 22, 2006 6:18 PM


Are there any other cameras that have all those features, I like the look of all those, but would like something about 100-150$ cheaper, like 250-300 range, instead of 400-500 range. Is DMF on a digital camera relatively new technology or has it been around for a while? Are there any older cameras that have DMF but maybe only 320X240X30fps vids, that could work too. Thank you to the 2 members that suggested cameras already, those are gorgeous cameras, but just a bit out of a poor college kids price range ;). I might be able to do the minolta a200 as that is close, but let me know if there are any others. Thanks again-Sampson

mtclimber Mar 22, 2006 6:50 PM


The DMF feature is relatively new to the digital camera scene. So it not a matter of looking at older models.


slipe Mar 22, 2006 8:04 PM

My 4 year old Minolta D7i has a focus ring as did its early 2001 predecessor the D7. It also has a manual zoom ring. The zoom ring is truly manual where the focus ring is actually electric, as are all current focus rings on non-DSLR cameras. But the focus ring overrides any other focus mode, so it is instantly available.

If you look for a used one get the D7Hi as it has a large buffer that will buffer raw shots. Raw was almost useless in dynamic situations on the D7 & D7i because of long cycle times.

Edit:It is 7X zoom with wide angle from 28mm to 200mm eq. The movies are small and useless though.

SampsonSimpson Mar 22, 2006 11:26 PM

Good call, what is the average price on those? Thanks for the post-Sampson

ht770 Mar 23, 2006 12:03 AM

fuji s7000. I don't think you could get it new, but used in good condition for 250$-350$ on ebay........etc...good luck:-)

SampsonSimpson Mar 23, 2006 2:28 AM

Does that camera really have direct manual focus, so you can adjust the picture by twisting the focus ring? When you twist the focus ring would you be adjusting the zoom or focusing the picture? Thanks and I might go with that one, that is a great option for a lower priced unit. -Sampson

ht770 Mar 23, 2006 5:32 PM

It is a great Camera with alot to offer (s7000),the ring on the camera can be used to focus the picture not to zoom in or out ,for that you should look at the S9000.

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