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pjackson wrote:
RacingManiac wrote:
If you shootJPG with a fast card(Sandisk Extreme III), you can literally shoot continuous mode at 3fpstill the card is full...RAW is where the buffer size became more of an issue.

I think one wouldn't be disspointed with either, but I think 5D's AS feature are certainly useful in realworld to make more of a difference IMO than 2 more MP...

Is this for the KM 5D or 350D? I've contacted KM for the results of the 5D when shooting continuous mode in the various sizes/quality of JPEGs, but have had no reply yet. They don't seem to quote these figures in their spec for the camera.
For info, KM (UK) results I requested for continuous shooting modes:

The framing rate of the Dynax 5D when set to continuous mode is 3 frames

per second. The recording will stop when the buffer memory becomes full.

The following figures are approximate.

Raw: 5 frames.

Raw+ JPEG: 3 frames.

Large: Extra Fine 3, Fine 10, Standard 24

Medium: Extra Fine 9, Fine 40, Standard 470

Small: Extra Fine 314, Fine 584, Standard 926.
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I think its highly card dependent, but it can definitely do more than 3 @ xtra-fine + Large Jpg...
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Trying to get a shutter speed that will freeze the action in low light is more a function of the lens and not the camera. While the IS in the Minolta might get you a stop or two, ultimately the quality of low light, stop action picture is going to be more dependent on the lens than the camera.

If you took the Canon for a spin and tried to shoot low light, moving target shots with the kit lens or anything slower than an f 2.8 lens, I am not surprisedby your comments, because you would find the same issue regardless of camera.:-)
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At least for me, the dividing factor is that I can use ISO 3200 with the KM 5D/7D and the Canon 350D/XT is LIMITED to ISO 1600.

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