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UnderwaterF Apr 12, 2007 7:30 PM

Well ive managed to narrow it down to the sone DSC-H2 and the sony w-70.
I know its sort of comparing apples to oranges, but my question is, is the H2 worth carrying around all the extra size. They can both be gotten around the same price on eBay, so thats not a problem. Just wondeing if the difference is very obvious, or do you really have to stare at the picture to notice the differences.
Thanks alot for all the help so far!

ac.smith Apr 19, 2007 8:58 PM

If your pictures consist some sitting on a park bench 15' away in daylight and both lenses are set to 50mm equiv., no you won't see a difference.

If you need 350mm equiv. focal length to frame the shot, one of those cameras can't take that photo.

If you're taking a picture of someone sitting on a sofa and using a table lamp for illumination, yes you'll see a difference.

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