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Default dSLR with; live view, movie mode, tilting lcd, etc

Hi Guys,
I have experience in photography and am looking to replace my most recent camera with a dSLR. Unfortunatly I cannot spend thousands on the camera. I want Live View, the wife wants movie mode and I think that if they are included then a tilting LCD would be pretty sensible. I had seen the Nikon D5000 had live view, movie mode and tilting LCD, but anybody know any others out there.

I do wonder however if the D5000 would be capable enough for my needs. I don't use it for anything specific, but normal family shots, action shots of the dog and holiday snaps are the normal. But I might also do some "semi-pro" work covering some parties for friends or postcard images for companies.

Secondly what are the LCD screens like in the bright outdoors? I had a Sony DSCT5 once and it was great outside, even in the brightest of light I could see perfectly, but I understand with some cameras it can be a problem.

Also any real differences in CCD and CMOS?
Thanks TM
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I think your list is complete - the D5000 is the only DSLR I know that meets all of your stated requirements. I think the D5000 would be more than adequate for your needs. Although I have used a D5000, I did not utilize the live view option, so I can't address your LCD concern. One thing I can say, is that if it's too bright to use the LCD, use the viewfinder. Personally, I would rarely if ever use the LCD to compose my shots.

the Hun
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If you decide to go with the D5000, make sure to check the serial number before you buy it. There is a recall on the D5000.


- Hiro
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The camera I used had been recalled...a minor inconvenience according to the owner. Works fine now. Buying from a reputable dealer eliminates the recall concern, as they will check the S/N's they have in stock, so you won't have to.

the Hun
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