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The primary advantage of the Sigma 30MM F 1.4 lens is thatit is available in the following mounts: Canon, Nikon, Olympus, and Pentaxand it has its own HSM focusing moter; it is an excellent low light level shooting lens; it is very sharp, and generally requires no added sharpening.

It can be found on e-bayrather easily and generally sellsaround $315 to $340.

Here is another Canon XT photo taken with the Sigma 30mm F 1.4 lens. This was taken while we were Easter shopping this morning inside a Gamestop store. No flash was used and the photo was taken handheld. No pp was done except to resize the photo for posting.

The Nikon D-40, the Pentax K100D,the Olympus E-500, and the Canon XT offer a lot of value for the dollar spent. Sizewise, the Canon XT and the Nikon D-40 are about equally small, and in fact, theyare measureably smaller than either the Pentax K100D and the Olympus E-500. Of course, it isalwaysprudent to physically handle all of the consumer level DSLR cameras before purchasing, to determine which feel best to you in handto you personally.

Have a Happy Easter!


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thanks for the help all.

Hayward you are right! On Steve's site I found a k10d with shipping and kit lens for 915. not bad. But that shot higher in the post from mtclimber on a XT looks great. I gotta give that another look.
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I think you'll find that any DSLR on the market will produce shots that look great when posted here. So I wouldn't stress over too many people posting good shots from a given DSLR. The key, IMO, is to find a camera/system whose feature set has the most matches with your shooting needs and where the ergonomics work for you.

Sarah & Ken - thanks for the info on the sigma 30mm. Sounds like a real winner. I might have to keep that in mind as my son gets older and the 50mm is no longer wide enough.
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Hi all,

after reading a ton of reviews I am still on the fence between the XTI and the k10d.

One big question is weather the image quality would really be that much less with the k10d and the kit lens right out of the camera as opposed to the XTI with its pre set modes.

I downloaded both manuals and have been reading them. I see that you can save user presets in the k10d. Do you think it would be possible to save multiple presets so that it would be similar to the xti ( landscape, ect ). Also I can't seem to find how many user presets I can save.

:?How many stops do you think the IS on the k10 d adds, would love a user opinion as opposed to what I have read in the reviews



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