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Try to wear it out before you leave. Bring or buy a memory card. Bring a laptop with a card reader. Take a bunch of photos in the store, at a variety of settings, in a variety of lighting conditions, at a variety of apertures, shutter speeds, ISO settings,and focal lengths. look for any operating problems. Check the photos on your laptop for any abnormalities.

Or, better yet, take your business elsewhere.
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I am planning to buy a Canon XSi 450D. With this camera, I am getting a 18-55MM Lens in the kit. I just wanted to know what actually does this 18-55 MM means and more importantly, weather or not this lens has any zoom and if yes, how much.
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Old Dec 29, 2008, 2:18 AM   #13
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Thank you everyone for all your valuable suggestions. I finally took a Canon EOS 1000D with a kit lens. I wanted to go for a 450D but it was going a bit above my budget, so went for 1000D as I am just a starter.

The first piece that I took had some defects and it was really nice of the seller who replaced the whole set after 5 days of my purchase.

What I couldnt understand is that after purchasing a sealed packed piece, when I took the first snap, it was numbered 879. I guess a new camera should start with 001.
Secondly, as the kit lens didnt had a IS, most of my pictures get shaked, may be because I dont have a very stable hand. Any recommendation for that.

Last but not the least, even after taking a picture from a tripod, the picture doesnt seem to be very sharp. What I mean is when I used to take pics from my old Sony P200 P&S, it used to capture amazing skin details which this camera doesnt. I believe a bigger sensor should capture much more details. Am I going wrong some where?
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For the steady hand thing, breathe out (not in), then hold your breathe before taking a picture.
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When I received my Canon XS (also know as the Canon EOD 1000D) it came with the new Canon 18-55IS lens.

Secondly, yes, you are correct 800+ seems to be a high count for a new camera.

Sarah Joyce
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