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Right now the Pentax DL2 is the latest Pentax camera. There is very little difference between the DL and DL2 (about the only one I can think of right off is the DL has 3 focus points while the DL2 has 5).

Next month (July)Pentax is releasing 2 new cameras, the K100D and the K110D. They sound like they will be similar to the *ist D series cameras, but the K100D will have IS built into the camera body (they are rumored to have a different sensor, I'd want to see reviews of it before I buy). B&H has it listed at $699.95 for the camera with the kit lens (wouldn't be surprised if buydigwill offerit for less, they usually do). Since you are on a budget I would either get the DL now or possibly wait a bit to see if the stores lower the price of the DL in early July (assuming that the new K series cameras ship then). I wouldn't think the DLs would drop allthat much more than they are now, and think of all the practice you can have with your camera now. On the other hand, if you are in no rush to get a camera then it might make more sense to wait.

I bought my DS in January, and while the new K cameras sound really nice, I have no plans to upgrade right now. I'm really delighted what I have.
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Mtngal summed up your other Pentax choices. Outside of Pentax you also have the Nikon D50. Whatever you choose I am sure you will be happy. The DL is a wonderful camera (and I am sure the D50 is).
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I'd echo the opinions.

If you want DSLR performance, buy a DSLR.

If you're on a very tight budget, http://www.beachcamera.com (a.k.a., http://www.buydig.com ) has Pentax DSLR models for under $500 wth a kit lens, and a reconditioned Nikon D50 kit for about $50 more).

Then, after you've used one for a while, decide what lenses (if any), you need to buy to fill any gaps in focal range/image quality you may need for the conditions you're using one in (and don't forget the used market for lenses).

If you can spare a little more, go for a KM DSLR to get both anti-shake and high ISO Speeds (up to ISO 3200). Note that I'm biased since I'm currently shooting with a Konica Minolta 5D. ;-)

In the non-DSLR models, I'd be more inclined to go with the Fuji S5200 if you need to shoot non-stationary subjects in low light. Even though it's missing any kind of stabilization, it's got a brighter lens compared to some of the other similar models around, with better high ISO speed performance compared to most non-DSLR models.

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I bought the Pentax 1stdl for $464 shipped from Buydig. Got it in 5 days. 2 of those days they were closed..that's fast.

Brand new and working fine. At that price how could I not pull the trigger on a DSLR?

Picture quality is great. Runs on 4aa batteries. I am at over 400 shots on one set so far using the lcd for review all the time.

While the autofocus is not as fast as the Canon's...it is also like $200 cheaper. I can live with that.

Get a 1 or 2 Gig Ridata card for cheap dough at Newegg, Maha Powerex batteries and charger from Thomas Distributing and you are good to go.

I've had good luck with those 3 vendors that's why I recommended them.

Oh..it's doubtfull you'll find one but Circuit City stores were blowing out floor model and maybe new Minolta 5d??? DSLR's for $500. The ones that have image stabilization.

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