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Old Oct 3, 2006, 2:55 PM   #1
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I have narrowed down my choices to

Canon 350d
nikon D50
Pentax *ist Ds

I was planin to buy a 12x zoom digicam at 1st .. but canceled it.

I am a total newb .. i dont know anythin much about technical stuff.

The canon and nikon have some ups and downs.

nikon has 1/500 flash and good build.. canon has Dept of feild and more pixels

there are some more differences also .. which i dont understand much.

my basic purpose is gonna be .... to learn photography and experiment. I will be travelling lightly and also taking long exposure pic with telescopes and stuff.

i need a camera that will be really versatile .. and which will have features that

that really make difference if they are not available ...

So which one of the two have more practicle features which really come in handy?

Are there any specific manufacturing problems that are often there in any of the two cameras?
Its like the Earlier P&s canon cams had the mysterious E18 erroe ... do these cams also inherit any similar problem?

I dont think i;ll be buying any lenses for like a long time .. so im gonna use the kit lens... so i dont think i;ll be switchin the lenses too often ...

so which one has the better kit lens and also which one has a better sealing against dust ?

thanks alot for ur patience ... i will really appreciate ur help .. thanks u
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The Reviews on all 3 cameras are very good. I think it will come down to your personal choice. You should personally hold and feel each camera to make up your mind. The Camera i have is the Canon Rebel XT(350D). Using any of these 3 cameras will take some practice before you will be come comfortable on taking quality pictures. I know the quality of the 8 mp in the canon is very good. I have enlarged many pictures with quality results and very little digital noise. Of course my choice would be the canon but only because i am familiar with thatbrand ofcamera. I have 2 canon 35mm, and wanted to upgrade to the digital SLR, so I choose the xt (350D) because of the canon brand. I have not been disappointed. It is a very good camera. But you should still look and hold each one to make up your mind.
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Old Oct 3, 2006, 11:09 PM   #3
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The best thing you can do is go to a camera store and handle all 3 cameras.

All 3 of them will take excellent pictures. They are all very similar with each of them having something that will appeal more to some people, while not making any difference to someone else. Make your decision based on how they feel in your hands. You'll find fans of all of these cameras on this board, but the greatest camera in the world will be an expensivedoor-stop if you won't use it (doesn't fit your hands, is too heavy or too light etc.).

Is there a reason why you have taken the Pentax K100D out of the running? I have both the DS and the K100D and love the Shake Reduction on the K100D. It makes all of my 25 year old lenses image stabilized, a big deal for me. You'd have to buy more expensive IS lenses with both Canon and Nikon.

Remember that the kit lens won't match the zoom range of a 12x ultrazoom camera. If you want to cover the same lengths you'd most likely want 2 lenses. Since you aren't sure what you want to do with your camera, get the kit lens, use it for a while and then decide if it isn't long enough for your needs. You are the only one who can answer that question.

I can't speak to kit lenses on the Canon or Nikon, I only have the Pentax. Its quite good for a kit lens in my opinion, very useful. Many of the reviews rate it pretty highly also.

So go to a camera store and see which feels the best to your hands.
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Old Oct 4, 2006, 12:21 AM   #4
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thanks alot for ur replies guys.

but u see the thing is i live in india ... and in my city Dslr are not displayed in stores.
u have to order them to get one ... so theres no chance for holding one in hand.

we all know that some of the features missing in the D50 are there in canon and some features missing from canon are there in nikon.
so my question is which one of them has all the practicle features which might come in handy more than others.

but my main problem is Sensor dust ... cuz its really dusty here (not as dusty as in car rallies )

and i am probably going to go with canon cuz theres an official canon india store in my city.

Guys if i dont switch my default lens atall ... is there a chance for the dust to enter the inside of the camera?

does canon have some kind of anti dust coating or some vibration thing to get dust of ??

And i took pentax out of my choices cuz theres no Pentax india ... here ... but still if i get the cam in really good price .. then i even might choose it over canon and nikon.
Do u have any issues abt pentax? or any precautions?
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Old Oct 4, 2006, 7:02 AM   #5
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If you don't take your lens off you shouldn't get dust inside. So far i only have the kit lens with my canon and i have nottaken the lens off at all since i bought it. I have had no problem with dust so far. How ever the brand new canon the XTi (400D) does have a dust removal system in there new camera. The 400D has only been out for a month or so and i haven't heard if it works well or not.

I would think no matter what brand you buy it should have a good seal between the lens and the body to keep dust out. From what i have read and heard the dust usually enters the camera when changing lenses. So by having only one lens and keeping it attached to the camera body it should eliminate the possibility of dust getting inside.

I have read in some forum discussions that taking a picture with the movement inside the camera that it will suck in dust from the outside. I do not know if this is true or not. How ever, if it is true, i would think there is a problem with the lens then, and i don't think this is a common problem.
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Old Oct 4, 2006, 10:37 AM   #6
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thanks alot for ur reply.

One more question:-

which fixed focal lenght lens should i buy ? which is more versatile .. but cheap ...

And also .. i would still like some inputs from other users regarding XT and D50 and their problems or advantages.

thank u .
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Old Oct 6, 2006, 1:10 AM   #7
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hey guys ...

today i checked for some deals available here ...

canon 350d + 18-55mm lens = $720

nikon D50 + 18-55mm + 70-300mm + 1gb Ultra sd = $840

which deal do u think is worth the money ?

and i am still not able to decide between D50 and 350d
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