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Rob19 Dec 7, 2004 4:39 AM

I'm from Austria so my english isn't very good. But I will try to explain my siutaion:

At the moment I have a Nikon F4 and Nikon F80. Now, I want to buy a digicam. The D100 ist nice but old. The D70 is also a nice camera but not as good as the Canon 20D
So should I buy a Camera like the Coolpix 8700 to have a little view into the world of digital camera and wait for the next generation Nikon DSLR? Or should I buy a cheap D70 now?
maybe a newbey questions but can I use my Nikon F4 lenses on the D70? Or do I need new lenses for these DSLRs?
I like the Canon 20D but I havn't the money for it :O
And I'm a very great Nikon Fan! :G
Are there some rumors about new Nikon DSLR?

JimC Dec 7, 2004 6:28 AM

Well, there are always going to be rumours. Many expected Nikon to announce a D100 replacement at the Photokina 2004 show in September, but they did not.

As to whether or not they'll announce a replace at the PMA (Photo Marketing Show) in February is unknown to me.

But, chances are, any replacement won't be less expensive than the D70, and brand new products usually aren't discountedeither.

So, even if they did announce a D100 replacement, it may or may notbe too expensive for you, if the EOS-D20 is out of your price range. We'll just need to wait and see. Eventually, they will come out with a newer model. Price and features is anybody's guess (unless you happen to know someone at Nikon or someone else that's willing to violate their Non Disclosure agreeement). ;-)

As for your lenses, chances are they'll work fine. But, make sure to check compatibilty charts for them to make sure, and to see if you'll lose any features (i.e., some older lenses may lose metering ability).

Here is a recent forum thread on this subject. See the link that NHL put in the last post to a page with a compatibility chart:;forum_id=66

Now, one thing to keep in mind is that the D70 and D100 (and most DSLR models) have sensors that are smaller than 35mm film. So, you have a "crop factor" (since the entire image circle projected by the lens is not used by the sensor). This factor is 1.5x on the D70.

So, for any lens you use on it, you'll need to multiply the focal length of the lens by 1.5 to get the 35mm equivalent focal length (determine the angle of view you'll have on the D70 with a lens).

For example, a 50mm lens would have a 35mm equivalent focal length of 75mm on the D70 (50 x 1.5 = 75).

So, your lenses won't start out as wide and they'll be longer on the tele end.

So, a 28-70mm lens would have a 35mm equivalent focal length of 42-112mmon a D70.

So, you may have a gap in the wide end with your existing lenses (but they'll be longer on the long end). ;-) That's why you see a lot of new lenses that start out wider now (for example the 18-70mm kit lens that Nikon offers with the D70 would give you a 35mm equivalent focal range of 27-105mm) -- in order to help compensate for the 1.5x crop factor.

Personally, between the 8700 and the D70, I'd go with the D70 (but each user will have different requirements). With the D70, you'd have muchbetter Autofocus, Cycle times,etc., and much lower noise as ISO speeds are increased. You'd also have a truethrough the lens optical viewfinder (versus an EVF in prosumer model), and have better ability to control Depth ofField via aperture for helping your subject stand outfrom distracting backgrounds (hard to do with a small sensored non-DSLR model like the8700).

Rob19 Dec 7, 2004 7:28 AM

thank you for the answer

I have these Lenses:
AF Nikor 28-105mm 1:3.5 - 4.5D
AF Nikor 35-70mm 1:2.8

I heard that the 18-70mm lense in the D70 Kit is designed only for the D70 to get best image quality!? And that normal lenses will have a bad image quality.

A D100 replacement woult be very nice.
So the hard question: Buy now a D70 or waiting for new models and buy now a cheap digicam.

JimC Dec 7, 2004 7:50 AM

Rob19 wrote:

I heard that the 18-70mm lense in the D70 Kit is designed only for the D70 to get best image quality!? And that normal lenses will have a bad image quality.
Many D70 users are not using newer lenses designed for Digital Cameras. They won't have bad image quality.

Inmany cases, you'll actually get better image quality on a Digital Camera than you got on a film camera. This is because the entire image circle isn't used by the sensor. So, if you had a lens with soft edges and vignetting at some focal lengths and aperture settings on a 35mm model, you may not see these problems on a DSLR (the center portion of the image circle is usually sharper).

Now, the jury is still out on things like flare and ghosting. Some new lenses use better coatings to reduce reflections from the sensors. But, I've seen very little hard evidence that it makes much difference.

Many users get great photos with older Nikon lenses. The newer DX type lenses probably account for a very small percentage of the lenses being used by DSLR owners.

You will need to take the 1.5x crop factor into consideration. For example, your 35-70mm lens would have a 35mm equivalent focal range of approximately 53-105mm on a D70, and your 28-105mm lens would have a 35mm equivalent focal range of approximately 42-158mm.

We also have a dedicated Nikon Lenses Forum here. So, you may want to ask users about their experiences with different lenses.

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