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josephusjg May 7, 2006 4:45 PM

My old digital camera (optio 555) fell in water and is dead. It's a pity, I kind of liked the small thing. Good for traveling. But the good thing is that I can buy a new one. I was considering the Panasonic fz7 or the Canon s3is. Also thinking of the pannasonic Tz1 because of the compactness and he, why not the pana fz30, it's not that big and heavy. And than my brother in low stated that a dslr is allways better. I beleive him, the pictures of a good dslr are probably allways better.

But is it always better to buy a dslr? That's the question. He is an hobby potographer and I take pictures. For me that's a big difference. I don't want to carry around a big bag with camera, lenses and flash. Ofcourse I know you make better pictures with it, but I will not, because I probably leave my camera bag at home. And do I want to take the family pictures for the rest of my live, because my wife probably will not touch the dslr. And than I don't even discuss the dust inside the camera after changing the lens.

With this story read, who can claime that i am insane if i buy a compact digital? If you claime I'm insane, please give me also your arguments!

Like to hear from you.


robbo May 7, 2006 9:55 PM

I don't think you're insane. Neither is your brother-in-law. You have different levels of interest in photography and different criteria by which you judge cameras.

I have a point and shoot super-zoom (Fuji S5200) and a DSLR (Pentax *ist DS). I like them both. The advantage of the latter is mainly evident in low light. The bigger sensor produces lower noise images. But you probably wouldn't see it in 4" X 6" or even 5" X 7" prints.

Get what you want from the cameras that you have considered. Don't worry about rabid DSLR fans.

The hottest DSLR is a waste if you don't enjoy using it and it ends up in your closet.

peripatetic May 8, 2006 2:29 AM

I have a DSLR but I also just bought a small pocket camera because it's not practical to carry the SLR on me all the time.

It sounds to me like you'd be crazy to get the SLR.

Also don't forget that under the conditions that are favourable to a compact camera (good light) you will get pictures that are every bit as good as those from a SLR.

E.T May 8, 2006 3:51 AM

josephusjg wrote:

And than my brother in low stated that a dslr is allways better.
DSLRs are like religion, that should help to put opinions of "DSLR to every hand" touters into approriate perspective.

And I can tell situation where DSLR would have been as useful as brick... Also DSLR shooters look funny while crawling in ground trying to take those macro/close up shots.

Both sides are compromises, which one is better just depends on requirements and style of use/area of photography.

So start to catalog what kind targets you would photograph.
I guess general photography would be one because you mentioned traveling, also wide landscapes could fit to it.
Also is architecture in list? Wild animals/birds? Group shots?
Tell everything like that and of course equally important is information about which are your main targets.


the pictures of a good dslr are probably allways better.
Not at all, thanks to lack of live preview/real time histogram getting good exposure (or best compromise when in hard light) can be problematic and require lot of practise. (or time to try different exposures and "post preview" every shot)

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