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just difference betwen "own" and"use" led yours to make this mistake.
i use many DSLR at work (forced to do so, because im network engineer, not photgrapher :-/ but nobody else can(properly) do this in my last company)
im hardly oppose buying DSLR for self, because i hate them all - "by design".
but no other relatively-capable cameras in market and it felt like i must buy one :/
but, JimC right - "look and feel" and overall camera design - significant part of choice.

and again, I GOT experience, and not very pleased with.
until latest , LiveView -capable and more-less manageable(especialy warmly welcomed DR-control in all new DSLR's).
aother point for Sony - because typically i shoot about 500/day(someday - bigger), only Sony provides enough long battery run.
not sure what i buy for self finally, i nearly kill local dc's seller testing cameras and asking questions on Pro(in offline).
if i can afform, i will buy three cameras , isntead one - S5 Pro, A-350 and E-420 with tonn of lenses and buy palomar observatory(to attach my S5 Pro with ;-P)
for hardworking, everywhere and poket corresponding.
but because i must buy one(w 2 aux lens, not more) - it hard to decide

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