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Default DSLR to P&S? Am I crazy?

Hi All! I could really use some advice and thought I'd come straight to the source!

I currently own a Casio Exilim EX Z-1080 Point and shoot, as well as a Sony A300 DSLR. I've always enjoyed photography and got the DSLR a few years ago after joining a photography club.

I used it a fair bit, learned some about editing photos etc... but I find that over the time I've had it, I've learned that I'm not particularly interested in the nitty gritty of photography, rather I just REALLY like taking photos of stuff.

I haven't touched my DSLR in almost a year now (sigh)... for a few reasons. Mainly because I can't be bothered lugging it around everywhere. I live in the Netherlands and this fall have gone to the south of France, Canada and the Czech Republic. On all of those holidays I used only my Casio P&S and my mobile (Samsung Galaxy Note) to take photos.

I didn't take the DSLR because I knew I wouldn't want to carry it and my purse everywhere, it took up too much space in my carry-on when flying overseas which meant I wouldn't be able to take my laptop (going to the area in Canada where my family lives, you WANT your laptop for entertainment haha). It just keeps getting left home in favor of convenience.

SO, I've been wondering if I should maybe sell both and get myself a slightly higher end compact camera (or one better than what I have I mean) that may give me a bit more in terms of quality and the ability to do things manually if I choose to, but also the convenience of being able to carry it in my purse or pocket.

Am I crazy? I can't afford to just buy a good new P&S without selling the DSLR, so it's basically keep what I have, or sell both and get something else that suits my needs.

That brings on another question... if I WERE to sell them, what would I buy?

What am I looking for? Well... something compact enough to fit in a jacket pocket (if I need to tuck it away between shots, like when I was walking in Prague in the rain), that I can carry in a protective case in my purse rather than it needing its own bag, good quality photos, the ability to change settings manually if I were to choose to... and things like being able to shoot in RAW or Wifi would be a nice bonus.

I've been looking at the Canon Powershot S110 but yeah, I'm not sure.

Like I said, while I love taking photos of things (the last year has been mainly mobile photos, instagram.. all things quick and easy, with some P&S action thrown in for good measure)... I don't enjoy all the bits and bobs, and to be honest, I don't understand a lot of it! When I look at the P&S I don't know what CMOS is or Digic 5 etc. I get confused and frustrated and close the tab haha

Anyway, I'd love any advice in regards to what might be a good camera option for me. I'd be looking for the 400 euro range (definitely not over 500 euro). Or... do I need to come to my senses and somehow find a love for my DSLR again?

Oh Decisions! ARGH! :P

Thank you so much!
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I own and use a Canon S90 and love the results. I think you would like the s110 or even the S100. I use a Nikon D300s for most work, but when I travel, my S90 is always in my pocket. Limitations are the zoom and low light shots. But knowing its limits, I've got some great shots.
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The only reason why I would own a compact is so I can bring it along on short walks, errands, etc. where I'm not exactly expecting to photograph anything. This way I always have something ready. A camera phone just won't do. Outside of this I can't see why anyone would only want to use a compact for all their picture taking needs. With that said, if you had to purchase a compact then it would have to be the Olympus XZ-1. Someone else on here had actually suggested this one, but I looked at the pictures on imaging resource and I have to agree. At very low ISO this camera performs like a m43 or entry level dslr as far as quality goes. I don't think you can get better quality for what this camera sells at. However, for $300, I can simply purchase a used NEX if I wanted some portability.
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Yeah, I'm really torn. Maybe I need to charge my battery and get out with the DSLR and see if I can spark a love of it again.

I have been taking the fact that every time I think to take it somewhere and go "Ugh, the P&S is less hassle" as a sign that maybe it's time to upgrade the P&S and let go of the DSLR.

For example, when I went to Prague. I went along with my husband who was going for a conference so I spent a lot of time walking around on my own, in the RAIN. The P&S was just SO much more convenient as I worry a lot about the DSLR getting wet, and it's not easy to tuck away quickly while walking around.

Also, when flying you have limited carry on. I'm a geek and I don't like traveling without my laptop, which is 17.3 inches... it's impossible to fit both that and the camera gear in my carry on (at least not in the luggage I have, or any I've borrowed from friends), so I opted to take the laptop and P&S and leave the DSLR home. Same happened when I went to Canada for a month.

What I'm wondering is if there is a P&S out there that will make me feel like it was worth it, ya know?

Here's what I'd be looking for (please bear with me, while I have a DSLR I really don't understand a lot of terminology or the bells and whistles, if you know what I mean):

Must haves:
A decent zoom. I don't want to end up at a zoo or something grinding my teeth because I can't zoom in as much as I'd like. The kit lens that came with my DSLR is 55-200 so I'd want at least 200 if possible.

Small enough to be able to carry around in my purse.

A nice big screen

The ability to change a lot of the settings manually if I choose to (like for long exposures, for example)

Decent Macro capabilities (doesn't have to be crazy good but decent at least)


Ability to shoot in RAW to make for better editing

Wifi ... definitely not a must have but it would be a neat addition to play with.

So, what do you guys think? Is it possible to get something within about 400-450 euro (500-600 USD-ish)

Really appreciate your advice everyone. I'm so indecisive and I feel like I don't have the knowledge right now to make a solid decision that I'll not regret later!
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There are a few "compact" camera's out there which masquerade as a DSLR alternative or "back up" for when the DSLR is not convenient- many are indeed quite good little camera's- and if you're not pushing the boundaries of exposure or speed,can produce good results.
The stumbling block for you might be the need for a 200mm equivalent zoom- and the only quality compact that springs to mind is Nikon's P7100 (or their latest P7700)- a very nice camera- but not quite as "bijou" as you might want.
Forgoing the zoom,your choices are many- Olympus XZ-1 or XZ-2,Panasonic's LX5 or LX7, the Canon S100 or S110 or the excellent Sony RX100.
The S100/110 offers the most zoom of the "little" bunch- with 24-120mm,closely followed by the Olympus's 112mm,the Sony next with a max of 100m and the Panny's some way back with 28-90mm equivalent range.
It's probably worth bearing in mind however that as the Sony has a large 1" inch 20mp sensor- you could crop quite a bit and still retain pretty decent quality/resolution- effectively giving you more zoom.
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Thanks for the advice everyone.

In the end I decided to get out my DSLR and give it a go again to see how I felt. Once I was out there with it (to a very busy Christmas market) I realized that I did enjoy the camera very much... it was the bag that got on my nerves and made me not want to take it anywhere with me (Crumpler Muffin Top 7500)

So I have decided to get a more comfortable, less awkward bag and get back out there with my DSLR more.

Plus, I was pretty sure I was going to regret giving it up for a P&S!

Thanks again
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Unless you are a pro, have a TV show, publish in mags, are hired to photograph the sites for ads, tourism/travel agents, are a wedding photog, or have phalic envy, you do not need to lug around a DSLR on long or foreign trips.I carry a P&S in my pocket; it's got 10x zoom, 14MPs, $89. Good for showing pics on PC or Flickr. I was asked a few times for my Winter and NYC shots to be shown on web sites. A while ago The NY Times asked to use my shots of Coney Island in an article on Arthur Miller and his poem about it. A shot of mine of Niagara Falls is in a brochure when tourists walk in. Ironically, I was shooting Central Park, and was contacted by an ad agency asking to use a shot as in the background(by accident) was their hotel and they wanted to use it in a brochure.All shots taken with a cheapo P&S.

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Originally Posted by Moibeal View Post
Hi All! I could really use some advice and thought I'd come straight to the source!

I currently own a Casio Exilim EX Z-1080 Point and shoot, as well as a Sony

Thank you so much!

I'm not sure how much 500 euro converts to, but for $500 U.S. I got the Nikon P7700.
It has a larger sensor than a typical point and shoot. F/2 lens (f/4 at the telephoto), and a 7.1x zoom. (28mm to 200 mm equivalent).

It has excellent image quality - not quite as good as my DSLR, but clearly better than the average point and shoot.

To me it is an excellent substitute for when I cannot carry the DSLR.

It can be fully automatic or have full manual controls. Lots of dials and buttons makes most functions right at your fingertips. Truth be told, the controls are better than my D5100 DSLR in a number of ways.

You can fit it in a jacket pocket, and I have a small camera bag that fits on my belt.

You can shoot in jpeg or RAW.

Many people consider it the best "walking" camera out there (which I tend to agree).

I bought it a few months ago and have been completely satisfied with it.

Good Luck!
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