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s_ajanthan Oct 19, 2006 7:33 AM

Hey all,

I'm looking for a camera for work use. The camera has to be extremely sturdy, easy to use (point and shoot), stand up to a wide variety of weather, and should be able to handle a lot of abuse.

I work for a maintenance company and the camera is used to take pictures on the worksite of areas that need repair and areas that have been repaired. The camera will be outside most of the time, in both winter and summer, rain and snow. Its usedby inspectors who generally are careful but our past Canon S30 was dropped once or twice and has dents. It should also have battery life enough to stay on for atleast 5 hours with the LCD on and occassionally snapping pictures.

We were first looking at the Canon S80 but it seems its being discontinued. We liked the S80 because of the rechargeable battery (but we don't mind usingNiMH AAs) but more importantly we liked the S80 because of its metal body. Our old S30 took alot of punishment but was only in repairs once. We also need something that will fit inside a shirt pocket or glove compartment. We also liked the S30 & S80 because of the sliding lens cover that kepted the lens undamaged. We don't need very high quality pictures, usually around 4 or 5MP so the files are outrageously large. Also we'd like a camera that is good at taking shots at night.

Can anyone suggest a compact camera fitting most of our criteria for within 600USD?


kenbalbari Oct 19, 2006 12:50 PM

Look at the All-Weather Cameras part of Steve's list of Best Cameras:

And especially this one, which is supposed to be both water proof and shock proof:

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