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Flynn Aug 23, 2006 5:36 AM

Hello, friends! I'm completely new to dslr world and need some help to meke up my mind about my first dslr camera. After reading many review, photos and user opinions I narrowed my search to above mentioned 2 kits. But unfortunately never saw any hand-to-hand comparision of them. Does anyone here have experience of using them both? I would appreciate any helpful insights.

BenjaminXYZ Aug 23, 2006 6:22 AM

Both cameras are equally great. However, the E-500 is more superior on features and design IMO wherebout the K100D should be better in low light situations due to the AS feature and 6 MP APC-C CCD.

If you bring kit lens into the equation, then the E-500 with the dual combo will be the best of the lot for price. The 50-200 later will cost you more since getting as a kit is always more value for money (Cheaper).

Unfortunately the K100D does not (like Olympus) offers the 18-55 and 50-200 together with the K100D body as a kit. You can get the E-500 kit that includes the dual kit lens and the E-500 body. (A shocking deal indeed)!

Flynn Aug 23, 2006 6:37 AM

Thank you for your reply, Benjamin :) You're right about great kit deal on Olympus. Additional lens for Pentax will cost me about 300 dollars. My main concern about e-500 is small viewfinder that almost everybody mentions, 3 AF poings vs. 11 on Pentax and absence of Shake Reduction System. Can you comment that 3 issues, please?

BenjaminXYZ Aug 23, 2006 8:37 AM

Flynn, although the TTL viewfinder of the EVOLT E-500 is small, the Pentaprism is high in quality and have 0.9x magnification>>>

You can alsonote the anti-reflective coating on it.

Having three efficient focus points is not a bad thing at all, usually it results in the camera focusing faster than one with more focus points.

Usually you will also behaving less focus errors or not at all.

As for shake reduction, you have to go without it and same for all the others as well except the KM 7D (phased out), Sony A100, and the K100D.

Seriously, the Olympus EVOLT E-500 really have one of the best feature set out there and it has the supersonic-wave-filter than none others have. (A100 is using a different technology).

Dust will always be a problem insituations such as theabove. (When your lens is not attached) You have to be changing lens right...expecially with your criteria.

BenjaminXYZ Aug 23, 2006 8:54 AM


My main concern about e-500 is small viewfinder that almost everybody mentions, 3 AF poings vs. 11 on Pentax and absence of Shake Reduction System. Can you comment that 3 issues, please?

EDIT: Very sorry, I thought my earlier post went out since an error had occured in here while I tried posting my above message. I didn't expectit to survive!

The viewfinder is rather small I know, but at least it is high in quality with a true Pentaprism design with an anti-reflective coating.

3 point AF is not a bad thing actually. Nothing beats the photographer's way of composing images. There will be many solutions around it.

So far only the available Sony A100 and the Pentax K100D models has the AS feature, all the rest don't have it and the Olympus is no exception. As for the Pentax K100Dhaving it, you do get a few stops of advantage, but there is no miracles in that and definitely no guarantyat preventing shaky blurr outshots anyway.

Overall, the EVOLT E-500 has more pros than cons and the pros certainly out weights the cons.

It's a neat little dSLR with tons of features packed into it's arsenal.


Flynn Aug 23, 2006 9:39 AM

Thanks for your insights! I think I'll go for E-500 :) But any further opinions are appreciated :)

Brent Gair Aug 23, 2006 10:13 AM

I was just looking at a flyer from a local camera shop and I can't believe what a great deal they offer on the E-500. It's already $200.00 less than what I paid three months ago!

I'm just coming up on my 2000th exposure with the E-500 (think I'm around 1940 or so). Performance has been virtually flawless.

Regarding some of your questions: I just don't have a problem with the viewfinder. I still own seven film SLRs and a half dozen other cameras. I've always easily adapted from one viewfinder to another. It simply isn't an issue for me. To be honest, I never even noticed that it has a small viewfinder (does it?) until I read mention of it on the 'net. It may be a problem for some people...not me.

The three autofocus points are perfect. It's another case of, "Whats the big deal?". I can't imagine why any more would make this camera more useful. At the risk of raising the ire of folks, I think multiple focus point are slighty more gimmick and slightly less practical value. And I will tell you that I've read comments from some respected people who prefer three autofocus points. You want to guess how many pictures I've lost to bad autofocus? NONE! None that I can recall anyway. After 2000 captures there could be a clunker in there somewhere but I can't think of one.

My previous digital camera was a Panasonic with image stabilization. I really liked it and was reluctant to lose it. When I got the E-500, I was surprised to discover that the lack of image stabilization made very little difference. I've probably shot about 400 pictures of moving airplanes (I'm an airplane buff and I live beside an airport). The planes are usually moving about 120mph within 1000 feet of me. I have to pan the camera to get photos. When I do this, I usually have the lens at 150mm (300mm 35 equivalent). Yes, I have lost shots due to camera shake. But it's not a significant number. The excellent shots greatly outnumber those lost to a shake.

BenjaminXYZ Aug 23, 2006 11:46 AM

Allright...some had begun to say that I am being rather bias in here and being too objective (Leaving the buyer without a choice...) (I had received some PMs earlier).

I guess that I should elaborate that those statements above made by me are purely based on specifications, reviews, and user opinions.

And finally (subjectively), I think the EVOLT E-500 will be a better deal. Take it this way;

If I was in this situation, I would be choosing the Olympus EVOLT E-500 dSLR combo and that is purely subjective.


Monza76 Aug 23, 2006 12:19 PM

Well this decision is not "apples and oranges" instead it is "apples and apples". What do you prefer, a nice green Granny Smith? Perhaps a macintosh (the apple not the computer);). I like the Pentax for a number of reasons, but I also like the Olympus for a number of different reasons. My wife decided for me by getting me a Pentax *istDL for Christmas. It was the right choice for me because I already had some old MF and AF Pentax lenses and lots of AA NiMH batteries.

As a new format the Olympus lens choice is more limited, no cheapies on ebay here. That is not an issue however since Olympus seems to be aimed at a higher end market with the E1 (I know it is old now, but still a great camera) and hopefully a pro body replacement with higher resolution and more speed coming soon (an E2??).

I think if I were starting from scratch I would choose the Olympus as well.


Flynn Aug 24, 2006 4:10 AM

Thanks for comments, friends :) Now scales even more biased towards E-500. I'll wait 'till end of month and, if no changes, order E-500 double kit package from Cameta. BTW, is it trustable shop?

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