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Some interesting informations I got from the review: (Warning, they might not be 100% accurate!)

ISO performance is just like the SAMSUNG GX-1S dSLR if not a bit better, the ISO 200 - ISO 800 are the strong points. The ISO 1600 is the middle point of the noisy side and theclean side. As usual on most of the dSLRs, the ISO 3200 is for special occasions only.

The anti-shake feature is as usual, a highly regarded feature in the reviews.

The pentamirror TTL viewfinder is as usual good and bright. (Unlike some other TTL viewfinders)

The build quality and design of the camera is good.

The LCD screen is high in quality.

The image quality is great.

Well priced.

__________________________________________________ _______________________

Certain issues that might or might not be an issue at all;

Not multiple burst wow factor. (Just normal; not a problem either)

Slow auto-focus in dim lighting conditions...oh dear...(I am worried) But they say it always lock focus anyway.

Poor AUTOwhite-balance performance indoors under tungsten lightings. (There is a custom func. that works well)

Poor battery life and poor battery shelve life (Unless you use "one use" CR V3 batts.) I learned that Nickel MH batteries don't keep their charge very long. On the K100D, they will give you 300+ shots only.

No WB fine-tuning for me. (But I can shoot RAW ordepend onsoftwares for it)

No status LCD back light in dark conditions. (Can resolve to the main "more detailed" LCD usage)-(Use more battery power)

Iwasjust being very honest with myself that's all.

The camera is actuallynot a bad cameraat all.

****Out of 5 stars I will give it 4 stars.****

For those who already have Pentax lenses, the K100D will be the ultimate choice. (No-brainier!)

For those starting out new in my opinion, the Pentax K100D will give you a very good deal for your money.

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I'm only a K100D watcher at the moment, but I've read everything on the web in every language as no-one seems to have the 2 lens kit in stock here (U.K.) yet. Some points I've gleaned that may be of interest.........

I think you'll find most K100D users are getting a lot more than 300 shots, more like 600 or 700, but there's been talk that some similarly rated NiMh batteries are better than others in this camera. I suppose it depends on flash usage quite a bit, even Pentax say 430 shots with no flash. The newer DSLRs with big screens are all getting less battery time than older models.

The K100D AF may be slower than some in difficult conditions because it (unlike a Canon for instance) tries for a perfect focus rather than a 'good enough for print' standard. Canon actually have a paper on their website somewhere explaining that this is how they judge AF and whether it has achieved focus. The batteries used again can affect AF speed, some reviewers are actually using the freebie alkaline batteries for their tests and even Pentax say they're only really for emergencies and to check the camera works when you purchase it as they may not provide full functionality under all conditions. Someone said they were good for about 100 shots.
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The batteries used again can affect AF speed, some reviewers are actually using the freebie alkaline batteries for their tests
So far the review at dcresource was using 4 AA sized rechargeable Nickel M.H. batteries, not the one that comesin the kit.
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Both cameras has an extensive list of features, but the K100D has several advantages.
* Larger and brighter viewfinder.
* 11 point autofocus with 9 cross sensor/dual sensitive points, the E-500 only has 3 point AF with a single center cross sensor. The sensors on the K100D is freely selectable by the user, this means that you can compose the image first and then set the focus point that is at the subject, this minimise the focus error that happens when you first focus on the subject in the center and then re-compose. When you re-compose the image after you have focused on it, you change the camera to subject distance. The autofocus in the K100D is faster than previous entry level models from Pentax.
* Electronic preview means that you can get a preview on the image before it is saved on the memory card, this is often handy.
* The dynamic range is extended compared to previous Pentax models.
* The built-in JPEG conversion now uses the same algorithms as the famous SilkyPix software, the bundled Pentax Photolab 3 software also uses the image processing engine from SilkyPix.
* The SR mechanism not only reduces shake on up/down and right/left movements, it also allows the sensor to rotate and thus compensating for the shake that happens when the photographer presses the shutter button down. Pentax SR system is the only system on the market that compensates for this.
* The K100D reaches to ISO 3200 and this is perfectly usable, ISO 1600 are amazingly clean.
* The DA 18-55 f/3.5-5.6 AL kit lens is one of the best inexpensive kit lenses on the market.
* The K100D uses the SDHD standard, SD cards are the industry standard now and SDHD is starting to kick off. Latest development is a 8Gb SDHD.
* The K100D is built onto a strong inner chassi of full metal, the metal lens mount is bolted on the metal chassi which also holds the viewfinder.

Take care

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