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Default Easy to use with Viewfinder for Senior citizen?

Hi folks,

My parents have recently moved to a new home and they love to sit and watch the wildlife in the backyard. They are in their 80's and not really into new technology.

I would love to get them a very basic and super easy to use camera ..and it must have a viewfinder. Thoughts and ideas are greatly appreciated!!
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Easy to use, basic camera with a viewfinder. Panasonic LF1 seems to fit, at the lower end of the prices. Of course, if money is not object, the Fuji X100S would be a nice choice. The Canon G15/G16 models fit your criteria as well.
I'm guessing that a superzoom type would be a bit much for their purposes.
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i do not recommend the LF1 for people who don't have wonderful eye sight. i have one, and the EVF is tiny. i tried to make excuses for it, but the bottom line is it's just very small, so hard to see and shoot with.

i'm thinking maybe the panasonic FZ70. EVF isn't huge but it's definitely bigger, and maybe the slightly larger body with grip would be easier. like most cameras today, auto is pretty good. the canon SX50 or SX40 are similar but maybe the SX40 is lighter, a plus.
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Old Aug 17, 2014, 6:14 PM   #4
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Fuji's HS50 might be worth a look...
Nice large viewfinder- stick it in Auto, use the manual zoom and bob's your uncle...!
Ideal for backyard wildlife...
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Old Aug 18, 2014, 8:25 AM   #5
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an interesting idea. i think whether the OP's parents would like a manual or electronic zoom would be a matter of personal preference - my mother in her 70s preferred a power zoom.
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I'm a senior and just bought a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ200, which has an equivalent 600 zoom. I brought it on an African safari and got amazing photos of animals and birds. I had it set on automatic a lot, and let the camera focus. The photos turned out crystal clear. If your parents are shooting birds, this would be wonderful for them. It has both a viewfinder and screen, and it's easy to switch between them. It does take a little learning. I don't know of any digital camera that doesn't. But if you put it on automatic and let it do its job, the photos come out great. You might have to help with the set up and give them a little instruction. I used to have a Nikon point-and-shoot and I never did learn all the settings. You had to go deep within some of the settings to find what you were looking for. I never liked that camera. Am much happier with the Panasonic. And its lens is made by Leica. Don't think you can get any better than that. Hope this is helpful.
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I'm not young either and were glasses but the EVF of the FZ200 is clear to me.
Panasonic has excellent automats so it's easy to use and get good pictures.
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can't agree anymore ! i own a Panasonic,i love it!
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