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D.Ann Aug 24, 2006 8:16 AM

Thanks everyone for your helpin setting upthe Fuji S1 Pro that I won on ebay. Unfortunately the LCD screens are dead, broken. I am going to bid now on a S2 Pro, is this foolish? Any tips? I already have the batteries, compact flash, etc...I have been a bit more careful this time. Donna

JimC Aug 24, 2006 10:26 PM

Are you sure that it's really defectiive and you're not just doing something wrong (batteries not fully charged or inserted correctly, etc.)?

Did you mount a lens on it and make sure the Aperture Ring was at the minimum aperture position (highest f/stop number)?

Was it a Nikon Autofocus Lens (not a manual focus lens)?

Are you sure the lens is good? Has a dealer looked at it and told you it was broken, or are you just assuming that based on symptoms you're seeing?

Are you sure you're getting a good connection (i.e., the contacts aren't oxidized a bit on the lens mount). Try remounting the lens to make sure it's locked in place, too. How about the battery contacts in the camera? Sometimes a bit of oxidation can build up and it may not even be visible (but, you had a good enough connection to see an error in the viiewfinder from what I can tell from one post).

The last post I saw about it was this one:;forum_id=60

But, you've got multiple sets of batteries to worry about, too (as I pointed out in an earlier thread):;forum_id=60

Have you tried all switches, knobs and dials to make sure one isn't sticking a bit or not in the right position? Most models can turn the LCD off, too (just by pressing the display button by it and cycling through it's modes).

What condition did the seller say it was in? Did the listing say that it was guaranteed not to be dead on arrival or anything?

You've got to be careful buying used gear and research the seller carefully.

Unless you happpen to be an expert on repairing cameras and have access to any needed parts, never buy gear "as is". If it's being sold that way, it's probably for good reason (i.e., it probably doesn't work). ;-)

But, that doesn't mean that it's not something very simple being overloooked either (but, it could be a very serious problem).

As for the S2 Pro you're asking about, it has a bad reputation for CCD failures. But, Fuji usually stands behind them (even out of warranty) from the last reports I saw. I'd check with them to make sure in case they've changed their policy.

But, I wouldn't buy one just because you have a CompactFlash card and a set of AA batteries, as those can be used in a variety of cameras. I wouldn't buy a particular camera model just because I had batteries and media that would work in one anyway. Those kinds of things are a small percentage of your investment. ;-)

If you've already invested in lenses, you could also use them on a Nikon DSLR. So, you're not locked into Fuji. The body used in the S1 Pro was an entry level film body anyway. Heck, you could always sell the lenses and go a different brand entirely versus Fuji or Nikon (although either could make a good choice, depending on your needs in a camera).

For example, I've used Nikon 35mm gear for years.. Yet, I've sold most of it and I'm shooting with a Konica Minolta DSLR right now (and I bought most of my lenses used at bargain prices).

If you "buy right", it really isn't very painful to switch brands if you want to.

You do need to be a good buyer though. It can get expensive buying high and selling low. :-)

Why did you buy the Fuji to begin with, and what conditions do you plan on using one in?

If you have limitations with your current camera that you need to get around, try to find a model that is better suited for the conditions you plan to use one in. There is nothing wrong with these older models. But, they're not the fastest cameras around, because they're based on entry level film bodies. If you don't plan on shooting sports, fine. Lots of photographers really like the Fuji colors.

In the case of most DSLR models, your lens selection is probably more important than the body anyway. I've got a far larger investment in my lenses compared to camera bodies.

If you're not a savvy shopper and familiar with how to tell if you're going to get a good deal on equipment then I'd suggest sticking to a reputable vendor that will stand behind their products with a limited warranty if you want to go used (at least one that's long enough to make sure it's going to work to begin with).

My favorite vendor for used gear is

If you like the S1 Pro for some reason, they've got one now in excellent condition for $364 right this minute (and IMO, they have the most conservative ratings in the business).

I wouldn't hesitate to buy bargain rated gear from those guys (and I have on multiple occasions). Keep in mind that this is a 3MP camera though (whiich is fine as long as you're not goiing to be printing too much larger than around 8x10").

D.Ann Aug 24, 2006 11:45 PM

Thank you for your reply. There is no doubt the camera is broken. But fortunately I have not bid on another.

I own an E-500but it is not a good low light camera and have found the lens expensive and scarce. So before I invested any more money in Olympus I was going to try another system with more readily available lens and maybe at a bargin price. I have always had fuji digicams and like the fuji the S1 Pro. I knew I could find nikon lenses easily for the Pro line.

Before I boughtthe E-500, I was interested in the Maxxum 5D. Neocamera and others praised the camera and I know it is well liked on this forum. But then I heard some talk about lack of support for repairs, etc, etc. I am still not clear on this issue. I know the 5D is good in low light and has stabilization which I would like. I find the camera appealing, if service would not be an issue.You mentioned you have Konica Minolta...But I have an open mind and am not locked into any system. I live in the country and the only camera store we have in the area is a Ritz and they mostly have Nikon and Canon. It might have been simpler for me to go with one of those systems. I can certainly shoot with my E-500, am just reluctant to invest in their lens.

Being a part of this forum has provided me with much support and information. Perhaps I am overthinking this whole issue...


JimC Aug 25, 2006 12:08 AM

Service on the KM models is a bit complex now that Sony has taken responsibility for it.

If you have a problem that requires parts replacement, it looks like they've been offering buybacks versus trying to repair them from reports I've seen (full purchase price if they're under warranty, or pro-rated over 7 years if not, provided you have your receipt).

That's a fair way to do it if they continue that approach (but, that won't help you get iit fixed if you have a major issue and would rather have it repaired instead). Pros and Cons. But, as fast as technology is changing, chances are, you'd be able to get a newer and faster model for the same money later if/when it ever broke.

The only problem I see with that approach is that the newer Sony DSLR-A100 has higher noise levels because they went to a 10MP Sensor (more megapixels sells cameras). But, you could always switch brands if Sony wasn't offering a model you like if/when yours ever got to that point (but, you'd need to go with diffrenent lenses iif you went to something other than a Sony DSLR later).

So, if you like low light shooting, the older 6MP models are a better bet (at least for right this minute, but not necessarily in the future as technology changes over time).

In any event, you probably couldn't find one anyway (at least not a new one). Most vendors have been sold out of them for a while now.

The best deal going was on the Maxxum 7D yesterday and today. Wal-Mart bought some of KM's remaining stock and was selling them for only $724 with a kit lens (and this camera was selling for $1500 when it was first introduced). Then, they marked it down to $599 yesterday.

It sold out late this afternoon. Some of our forum members bought spares (as did a lot of other KM owners).;forum_id=84

Whatever system you decide to get (Nikon, Canon, Pentax, etc), I'd make sure to budget for a bright lens or two if you like low light shooting. That's as important (if not more so) compared to the body.

The new Pentax K100D may be a good model to take a look at, too if you want to look at alternatives to Canon and Nikon. It's reasonably priced and has Shake Reduction built in (with pretty good high ISO performance).

If you're already invested in Nikon lenses, the little D50 is a decent camera (no built in anti-shake, but pretty good high ISO peformance and image qualiity).

Most any of the DSLR models can take decent pics. But, a bright lens is a must for low light if you're shooting non-stationary subjects without a flash.

Of course, you've got the option of usiing a flash instead, as nothing says you have to take photos without one if you don't have a camera and lens up to the task and can stay within the range of the flash you're using.

For stationary subjects, you can use a tripod instead of trying to shoot at higher ISO speeds, too.

There are lots of choices, and there are pros and cons to any of them.

D.Ann Aug 25, 2006 9:18 AM

Thanks Jim, many points to consider. I will definitely check out KEH's as a source for previously owned equipment. Haven't looked at Pentax yet...will check that out too. And I know nikon will be showing us a replacement for the D50/70 in a month or so. Looking back over all this, it seems the 5D was exactly what I was looking for, I just found out a bit late. They are on new and many used. I may have to look just one more time. Donna

rjseeney Aug 25, 2006 9:25 AM

The D80 techinically isn't replacing any camera in the Nikon line. It fits between the D70s and the D200, and will be available on 9/1 (although if you're not on a waiting listit may be awhile before you get it). The D50 and D70s continue to be produced (although I suspect the D70 will begin to gradually fade away).

D.Ann Aug 25, 2006 9:31 AM

Thanks for clarifying that. Donna

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