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dimmdesign Nov 28, 2005 9:54 PM

Greetings everyone,I would like to have your suggestions and reccomendations.I am a graphic designer (just finished and doing a master in interactive multimedia) that only used a camera to take pictures on holidays, in fact the past three years I have been taking photos with my girlfriend's camera (sony v1) on the vacations that we went. Now i want to buy a camera that will last for a few years and during this time I will learn more about photos and everythings related.I am thinking that an entry level D-SLR which of course supports RAW format (i am not so sure if all of them support RAW format). I will use it mainly for outdoor photos but also for indoor, and above all will have a reasonable price. Thanks in advance,Dimitris

Carskick Nov 29, 2005 6:42 PM

Do you live near a Sam's Club? If so, I'd go check out the Olympus Evolt300 there. They have them on display, and you can purchase one with a 14-45mm Zuiko Digital Specific lens for only about $600. It is a great 8MP dSLR, and is one of the most compact dSLRs available, yet has some great features. It even has a protective layer for the CCD that prevents dust from getting on it.

Another good choice is the Canon Rebel, which is also 8MP, but is more costly. Both feature RAW, and they each have there own pluses and minuses. One of the Rebels strongest points against the Olympus is high ISO noise, where the Oly has significantly more. In fact, it has more than the Fuji F10, the lowest noise compact. However, since you are primarily outdoor, this will not be a primary consideration.

dimmdesign Nov 29, 2005 7:26 PM

i live in london. But i can go and see on some stores here.So we have two so far Olympus Evolt300 and Canon Rebel. I will check out the reviews from here... I was also thinking about the Nikon D50 is that a good thininking or not?thanks for your replydimitris

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