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I'll vote for the top-rated Pentax Kx, which has more lenses available (new and used) than any other brand. ANY lens Pentax has made in the last 55 years (with about 3 exceptions), as well as numerous lenses from other makers, will meter and work on the Kx. (This can't be said for Canikonympus.) It also has in-body autofocus and shake-reduction, the best sensor around, and is more rugged than anything in the same price range. The Kx is renowned for its high-ISO performance, which cuts the need to buy fast lenses. Remember, when you buy a SLR, you are marrying its lens system, and divorce is expensive.

And try this: Go to dpreview.com and check out your candidate cameras. Read the tech reviews. Then read the user ratings and reports, especially the bitches and whines and moans and groans and comments about how owners CAN'T WAIT to upgrade their current camera body. See which brands and models in your price range give satisfaction, and which give headaches. Such comparison can be quite revealing.
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Originally Posted by JimC View Post
The A500 also has a faster frame rate using continuous drive mode compared to Nikon or Canon models in that price range.
True - but it has a worse focus tracking system. Frame rate doesn't help if the photos aren't in focus. Sony af has the edge in live view - although you won't do much sport shooting in live view - canon and Nikon cameras are better at focus tracking. None of them will do well without the appropriate lenses however. Doesn't sound like you're doing a lot of serious action shooting but I thought it worth bringing up the above since the frame rate of the 500 was brought up as a bonus.
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