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Originally Posted by KJC View Post
[Canon XSi] Live View, faster shooting, and family sensor BUT higher price
[Sony a290] Higher resolution, better overall image quality, lower price
You've just answered your own question. To me, the very first thing to take into consideration when shopping for cameras is image quality. You can buy a camera that comes loaded with features and functionalities. If the image quality is poor, the camera is no good, period. If in your opinion the A290 has an overall better IQ, then why buy the XSi?

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Originally Posted by peterbj7 View Post
Remember that most "consumer reports" only consider products that are new or in their first year. I'm sure Sony will score highly here. But most people when they buy a product expect it to last and continue to give the same high performance well beyond the warranty period, and this is where my experience with Sony is so dire.
They're all about the same. You'll fiind some discussion about the latest reports in various forums. Here's one example:


Squaretrade also does some reliability studies. They noted a failure rate of around 4% for Nikon and Canon dSLR models at the 2 year point (about the same, although consumer reports ranks Nikon's failure rate as a bit higher at 6%) in their last digital camera report. They didn't have enough data for Sony dSLR models, so they weren't included as they were in the Consumer Reports dSLR study. But, they've got good data on how point and shoot cameras compare (and Sony does very well compared to Nikon and Canon, especially as the camera price/niche goes up). See that report here:


And what about the defective sensor fitted to compact cameras from so many manufacturers? The only company NOT to stand by their products and repair them at no cost to the customer is the company that made the defective part in the first place, Sony.
Really? I've seen member after member, after member, after member here report getting Sony cameras fixed at no charge, long after their warranties expired when their camera had one of the defective sensors. Here's one thread on the subject:


I think you'll find that Sony "footed the bill" for the most part when other manufacturers (Canon, Nikon, Pentax, etc.) repaired cameras using the defective Sony sensors, too.

Design problems happen. You'll also see recalls and problems from other camera manufacturer's products.

I don't know anything about the other Sony products you're mentioning. But, it sounds like you got some bad info on how Sony's Digital Camera Division handles things.
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I currently have a sony a300 and it has live view with a moveable screen which can help take pics at different levels. I luckily have not had to deal with any bad calls to customer service. My camera is about 2 years old and it does all that I need it to and all for a decent price when I brought it.
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