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Default EPL1 with Kit lens very very slow

I am not exactly a photo pro, just like the speed and quality of DSLRs, and always use the auto mode. I have an old and faithful D50 - over 5 years old.
My wife has been cribbing about the lugging the d50 around and carrying the camcorder on the side, so after some research (primarily on photo quality), we got a EPL1.

Everything is great with the EPL1, the quality is wonderful, takes great pictures without flash - even better than the d50, wonderful HD viedeo.

The biggest issue is that the autofocus is slow, there is quite a bit of shutter lag. By the time the camera finally takes the picture, my toddelers have already started to move out of the frame, we are missing some good shots.

It is so bad that I am thinking of returning it. Speed is a key for us.

Any advice?

One option I can think of is I can get the fixed focus lens, panny, which is supposed to be faster. But it costs quite a bit, almost as much as the epl1.

The other option is give up on 4/3rd and go to the standard PS, Nikon P7000 or Canon G12. I believe they are faster.

Will appreciate your input.
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I don't have one but have been researching a new camera and this is one of the common gripes about it that is keeping me away. You're right that the limitation is the kit lens:

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Good morning,

Your question may be better posed in the "Olympus Micro Four Thirds Forum".
There are many users of this camera in that forum and would be in a better position to answer your specific concerns.

From my perspective, as an owner of the E-PL1, I find the '14-42mm kit lens'
very slow to focus. But I knew that prior to getting the E-PL1. I use it for static subjects, landscape, seascape, etc. In that environment it works well.

The auto focus capabilities of the 40-150mm micro4/3 lens @299USD is said to be significantly improved.

Here is a link to some recent images posted by a forum member, Greg Chappell using the 40-150mm at a hockey game:



So you want to be a better photographer? Open your eyes and take a look at what is all around you.
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I find the Panasonic 20mm F 1.7 lens much faster to focus when used on my Olympus EPL1.

Sarah Joyce
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Default Slightly faster with the firmware upgrade

I upgraded the firmware to v1.1, and it is actually slightly faster.

Not really as fast as I would like it to be.
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