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So I'm ready to make the plunge and get that Canon Rebel XSi. What about extended warranties? Is it worth the price. The B&H warranty includes accident damage for 5 years.

Thanks in advance,

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Extended warranties are somewhat a personal thing. I, personally, don't think they are worth it for most electronics (except laptop computers). I've bought several extended warranties on cars and have only once had it cover more in repairs than what it cost to buy. Most problems with electronics will show up within the first 3 months of ownership (if you use it frequently) and are covered under warranty. While the 5 year one sounds nice, are you planning on keeping that camera for 5 years (the undeniable desire to upgrade hits me every couple of years or so). Assuming you buy the camera with the kit lens - cost $650. 5 year warranty costs almost a third of the cost of the camera. For that kind of percentage, I'd rather use the money for another lens and take my chances that I'll find whatever might be wrong with the camera in the first year. But others would rather have that fall-back "just-in-case".
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Take a chance, live life to the fullest, and forget the extended warranty!
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5 years from now (actually 4.9 years from now) Your camera breaks.

The warranty, for which you spent $209, specifies you to send the camera to a 3rd party company for repairs.

7 weeks later the 3rd party determines your camera's widgetfiltergadget is beyond repair and will necessitate a replacement of the entire camera.

The 3rd party may replace your camera with a rebuild camera of the same design (if you are lucky ) or the 3rd party can determine that a current market camera of equal performance to your nearly 5 year old camera would be appropriate for the replacement.

Current market equivilent to your camera? Based upon today's specifications, a decent camera from 5 years ago might beequal to a$90 3mp P&S in today's performance specs.

Think the replacement warranty is still a good idea?

Take the $209 and buy a lense or better yet save the $209 in the bank for when you might need to replace the camera in 4, 5 ,6 or 10 years.

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