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I've been reading the reviews on the various ultracompacts, and I think I have it narrowed down to the F30 or the DMCFX01. Most of my pictures will be group shots, or full body individuals and I expect very little printing and any I do will be 4x6 photo paper. I like the DMC's 28mm equivalent lens for the group shots, but the noise people keep mentioning worries me. How bad is it really? Also do noise filters (NoiseNinja, ImageNeat, etc.) seem to handle fixing it pretty well. The printing I expect to do will be the set up the camera, snap the pic, print it out to hand to someone, so I would prefer not to have the extra time/need of setting up and using a computer. The noise is why I am looking at the F30 since most of my pics will be indoors, though a lot of that will be normal fluorescent lighting with a bit in dark areas (though that is not enough to be a major consideration).

I'm actually wanting this for a vacation at the end of the month, but my other question is will I kick myself for not waiting till the DMCFX07 comes out since it looks like it has both of what I want, 28mm lens and high ISO.
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Since I haven't got any responses to my initial questions let me ask this. Most of my photos are either groups of 6-10 people (or multiple rows of that many) and full figure shots (i.e. head to toes of a person). Primarily I will be indoors. Based on this does anyone have a recommendation on an ultra-compact?
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The F30 will give the best results indoors. I'm don't think anything will match it in high ISO performance. But it doesn't go very wide. But I think the new S6000 may go wider, if you can wait for it to be released.

I think there's a Kodak easyshare with a wide angle, the 570 I think, though I'm not sure it's any better than the FX01 on noise.

Otherwise, you might also consider making sure you get something that can use a good external flash. That way you might not need high ISOs so much.

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