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pocketdigital Sep 12, 2009 5:13 PM

f70EXR image quality and noise?
I am in the market for a small P&S I can carry in my pocket.

Has anyone had the chance to test the f70EXR image quality? I've looked at some of the customer reviews on Amazon and while some have loved it, some have been disapointed with it. ("Then I examined the pictures on my computer and reality set in. Zoomed out, the pictures looked good, then I viewed them 1:1 and they were very very noisy. All of the pictures I had taken to that point, about 50, were taken indoors with default settings").

Are there any serious professional reviews of this camera yet?

I am particularly interested in image quality (some users have found its images to be rather noisy) and some data about the distance power of its built in flash and speed of operation.

(The movie ability is apparently less than ideal but that is not something I care about).

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