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kenbalbari wrote:
If the lens is changed from the kit lens to something as the same range as R1 and it will improve photos from the R1 this D400 ? that could be it the best option what lens though Tamron Sigma Canon what would be best do you think and best value of course ?
Hi Rodo. Since you asked, I think the most directly comparable lens to the R1 would be the Sigma 17-70 2.8-4.5.

The actual focal length of the R1 lens is 14.3-71.5mm lens. So it has a bit more range, but is very similar in focal length. It is also very similar in sharpness, according to MTF test supplied by the manufacturers (with the R1 very slightly sharper at the edges on the short end, and the Sigma likewise on the long end).

I've only found the MTF tests from Sony on the Japanese site, but it's pretty easy to see it's an impressive chart about halfway down the page (though a bit small). The Sigma chart, just under the lens photo, is smaller, but when you click "zoom" it opens a window with a chart you can actually read:


Both of these lenses have also been independentl;y tested at SLRgear.com, and those tests pretty much confirms that they are very similar:


One thing I like about these tests is that the info is not coming direct from the manufacturer (just in case you think they might cheat). But more important is that it is much more thourough. The MTF tests only test wide open at each extreme. The "blur index" on this site shows performance at every apperture and focal length. For example, if you compare, you will see that once you stop down to about f5.6-11, the Sigma is clearly sharper throughout.

Plus they test other important attributes, showing for example that the Sigma also produces lower CA throughout (likely due to better lens coatings).

But, while the Sigma appears to be a bit better, I doubt you would notice any difference. And you would end up paying about $850 for that and a K100D in order to roughly match the R1 (seeing as it has shake reduction). So unless you really want other benefits of a DSLR, I don't think it makes too much sense to switch now. You really can't beat what the R1 gives you for $650.

Finally, if you wnt to see sample images from actual users, for lenses or cameras, a good way to compare is at pbase:

Thanyou so much . Looked at the samples find it hard to see much difference, As you say the R1 is a bargain keep coming back to its build its price and its results dont need much more zoom my FZ 20 can do that very well so looks like im there for now R1 and Fz 20 should be good enough . many thanks.
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BenjaminXYZ wrote:
How come your product adviser has not thrown the 400d up me wonders that though.Please advise if you choosethis Canon combo with a better lens than the kit one i should imagine( no one uses that for very long do they only to test it a bit or to sell the camera on with a lens ),or if you stumble on somethingbetterto purchase thanksRodo.8)

Therewas a couple of times that I got the CANON EOS 400D at the top of the list at the "My Camera Adviser", so I don't think that it should be a problem. :-) (I only know that they don't have the NIKON D70s dSLR model)

The Sigma AF 18-50mm f/2.8 EX DC will be a prettynice lens for the CANON EOS dSLR camera(s). :-)
Thankyou again superb information as usual , Think im gonna keep the R1 and DSLR next year maybe ? Its time i started taking more photo me thinks keep posting what you discover good luck cant wait to see your choice sure whatever it will be as good as it gets though your so thorough and a credit to the forum like others who have also given great advice and points of view this is a friendly happy place and Steve/ Jim ect should be so proud of it ,we are all lucky to learn and share from this great sitergrds Rodo .:bye:
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Rodo, glad that you have decided to keep your R1. :-)Actually the SIGMA 18 - 50 mmF/2.8 zoom lens isworse than the R1's high quality C.Z. glass. :-)

You cannot spend $500 on a lens and expect it to reach the R1's C.Z. lens' quality level. :-)
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