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Suggest you check out the viewfinder of the E-Volt 500 if that is the one you are considering
It was a problem for me in spite of the magnifyiing eyepiece available from Olympus. I sold mine.
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For my money:

Pentax K110D - $347 after rebate (Beach Camera - free shipping)
Sigma 17-70 f2.8-4.5 - $350 (sigma4less - figure under $360 shipped)

The above combination is a virtual match for the capabilities of the R1. If posted before about how the Sigma lens is roughly the equal of the R1 in everything I've seen, from manufacturer's MTF charts, to tests from slrgear.com covering resolution, CA, flare, distortion, and vignetting, to subjecive user reports on things like "bokeh".

If you like the R1, but want to have more future expansion capability, this seems like a reasonable combination for under $700.

And the Nikon D70s with 18-70mm kit lens is available for $817 shipped from buydig.com. That's not too much of a compromise there.

So you still can't beat the R1 for it's price if it's what you really want. But if you want a more expandable DSLR, you can get very close for very near the price, and have some more capabilities right off as well.

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Thanks for all the replies!!

As for the K110 or any other DSLR the only prices in the same bracket here in the UK are for the bodies with kit lenses (K110, D50). I am worried about going down that route as even though the picture quality will be greater, I will be looking at buying at least a telephoto in the near future and that means extra expense!!

Re the Panasonic and it's low light capabilities, I know about these as I have been investigating possible purchases for quite a while now. As I understand it, these restrictions are based on low-light without flash. Do these issues go away when you use a flash then?:|or is it a lot more complicated than that? I doubt I will be doing a lot of photography in situations where I am unable to use a flash!!
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I still haven't made my mind up completely though I think the FZ is out of the running. After more investigation, I am tied between the R1 and a D50/E500 with kit lens:?

Will the R1 be capable of shooting pics of my 2 year old comfortably? By that I mean small children are obviously very active so will I be able to capture them comfortably or would I be better off going the SLR route for that?

The price differences are minimal though with the Sony, I already have a 512Mb memory stick and my Sony Camcorder takes the same battery as the R1 so I can swap batteries between the 2!!
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Just a bit of personal experience. I own and truly love my Sony R-1, but I have paired it up with a Sony H-5 to round out the lens cababilities. As a result, I cover all of the focal lengths desired with still a fairly light kit.

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