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I'm looking for a camera recommendation. I currently have a Canon A95 (5 MP) I've been using over 2 1/2 years and about 8000 shots. It being my first digital camera I'm thinking of an upgrade and giving the A95 to my wife. My needs roughly are;
    Your input will be appreciated.
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    Because the Fuji S-600fd will not be available until next month, we will have to wait a bit. However, by looking at the excellent F-30 images at high ISO settings we can already see some of the potential. That potential looks quite large, and ever so useful.

    IMHO, I would wait for the S-6000.

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    Check out the test shots here:

    To my eyes the F30 looks better at 1600 ISO than the A95 did at 400. I think some of that is from heavier noise reduction; but I think the actual noise there is still about the same. There's certainly not any less detail in the F30 shot at 1600 ISO. Even the F30 shot at 3200 ISO isn't that different from the A95 at 400; but there you can see that there is clearly some loss of detail.

    And I think the F30 at 3200 is actually very comparable to the SD700 IS at 800.

    Again, there's more noise reduction in the F30 image. But most of the top of the image looks comparable. It's only in the bottom of the image, where you can see some details in the F30 image being washed out in shadows (like the bottom third of the globe, or the bottom part of the Bailey's label), where I see less detail left after the noise reduction. But if the SD700 at 800 ISO is better than the F30 at 3200 ISO at all, it's by a hair.

    And don't only look at the crops of the above, click on the main image and get the full thing if you really want to compare.

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    Thanks mtclimber for your input, I think you're speaking of the FinePix s6500fd, well if it's in my price range it will be certiantly on my list of prospects judging from some reviews of other FinePix cameras. So I'll certainty be waiting for the reviews next month. The extra ISO will go a long way for my purposes.

    Also thanks kenbalbari for your links, very helpful.

    Well I hopped over to some local stores to handle some super-zoom cameras, namely the Fuji S5200, Canon PowerShot S3 IS and the Sony DSCH2 and so far I'm leaning towards to Fuji with the Canon as runner-up and the Sony is out. I like the Fuji's ISO and the Canon with a physical image stabilizer is a strong point. What I didn't like about the Sony besides its handling was the lack of a flippable view screen which is something I need.

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