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Are you willing to consider a DSLR of a different brand other than Canon?

Sarah Joyce
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canons really the only choice i want, been using the p&s for awhile and played around with my cousins canons
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Its a bit of a gamble buying a used camera from an unknown source. I am sure there are many cameras in good shape floating around, but if you get a bad one, there is nothing, nothing at all you can do. You are just out the money.

Adorama sells refurbished cameras with i believe its 3 months support? is that right?
these are within your budget and include the kit lens, which is a good lens to start with, and a much better choice than your other options.

XSi with kit lens 479$

T1i with kit lens 584$
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I would skip the 30D it is allot older design, it is 3 gen behind the times.

The XSi or epl1 are very equal in image quality. They both perform well from 100-1600iso. Here is some sample of the epl-1 and the t1i. Both produce excellent photos.


Originally Posted by jason612 View Post
my choices are now down to:
Canon XSI ~$450 Used kit
Canon 30D ~$300 Used w/o lens
E-PL1 ~$500 New Kit
My budget is still ~600
If the same lens were used, how are the image quality between the 3? Would the 30D trump the other 2 if i put a $300 lens on it(zoom lens; needed for versatility)? If so would it be a noticeable difference?
tbh im more interested 30D vs E-PL1 but if the XSI is a real contender against 30D please explain
or i could get a used 40D and a 50mm 1.8?
again my uses are primarily stills, city shots, social gatherings, parks.. almost no action shots and i have no need for fps
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If I were to recommend a camera it would be the Pentax Kx. But you don't want to hear that.

OK, try this: Put a pencil and a pad of paper by your keyboard. Go to DpReview.com and look at a number of camera kits (body plus basic lens) within your budget. For each camera, look at the user ratings. Write these down, along with the best price for each. Divide R by P -- see which gets the highest rating for the lowest price.

Now read the user reviews, especially the bitches-whines-moans-groans. Note how many users express a desire to 'upgrade' to a new body as soon as possible. WARNING: It was this analysis that led me to Pentax when I bought my first dSLR, even though I was biased towards Sony and Olympus and Nikon, and had no bias against Canon or Fujica or anyone else. In 50+ years of shooting with Canon, Graflex, Kodak, Minolta, Nikon, Olympus, Praktica, Sony, Yashica, and others, this was my first Pentax.

Then consider lenses and IS (image stabilization) aka SR (shake reduction). Pentax and Sony build it into their bodies. Canon and Nikon build it into their longer, more expensive glass. ANY lens put onto a Pentax or Sony body is stabilized, even down to 12mm fisheyes and 40mm pancakes and an enlarger lens on bellows. If you shoot in less-than-optimal light, IS/SR is an important aid.

When you ask for recommendations, the replies will be what those individuals know and like. Few of us are experienced with all current bodies. Look at how a large sample of users rate those bodies, and you'll get a more impartial view, and should be able to make a better decision. Good luck!
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Hi heres my take, I can understand why you want to stick with a canon if you are using one now then its an easy choice also you have used someone elses too, so makes a lot of sense to me. If you go to buydig.com they are doing a rebel xs plus a 18-55 $499 plus money off of a zoom to.
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